Editorial for Meade Magazine

Photographer: JC Candanedo http://www.greypistachio.com/ Assistant Photographer: Nicki Drab Videographer: Andrzej Gruzska Sytlist: Lessette Shei http://outfittingu.com/ Assistant Stylist: Cathy Nicholson MUA: Pascale Maestri http://pascalemaestri.com/ Assistant MUA: Sinead McGowan Hair Stylist: Tim Furssedonn http://www.timfurssedonn.co.uk/ Models: ILLY, Nena and Prisha from Body London http://www.bodylondon.com/
Credited Members: Pascale Maestri, Sinead McGowan, Andrzej Gruszka
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Georgie Tann   (9 years ago)
Very cool. Love this concept.

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