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Hire a freelance model to connect with independent freelance models working today. Browse talent by location and gender or filter by reviews, likes or experience. Post a freelance model job for free and connect with leading models in the industry without paying any commission or agency fees. We operate on an ethical hiring basis encouraging fair rates, paid on time, diversity and inclusion. Our budget projector tool can help you set an appropriate rate for your freelance model job and 0% commission ensures that 100% of the rate goes into the pockets of the freelance models. 

Freelance models are available to work on a range of modelling projects including commercial, editorial, lifestyle, fitness, promotional and advertising modelling jobs. 

For help with your freelance model hire, we also offer a Concierge Service. Our team will help word the project brief, source freelance models especially for your project, and arrange meetings, castings or interviews. We're currently offering our Concierge Service for just £15. Choose the Concierge Service option when posting your freelance model job. 

Looking to hire a freelance model? Here is a list of tips to consider when doing so. 

  1. Provide as many details as possible when posting a project. It saves time for everyone involved and will increase your chances of hiring the right type of model for your project.
  2. Never request 'private photos'. Freelance models are professionals and will showcase their portfolio work on their profile, website and social channels. By all means, ask if they have experience in certain sectors and request images they may have shot in the past but asking for bespoke 'private photos' is not okay. 
  3. Try to avoid asking freelance models to attend castings unless absolutely necessary. Freelance models sell their time and going to a casting can take up a few hours. An online video call will often do the trick and give the client a good idea as to the type of model they are hiring. 
  4. Pay fairly and pay on time. Modelling is a job and although there are many 'aspiring models' who will work for the fun of it, Freelancer Club models are professionals who rely on clients paying them for their services. 
  5. Keep everyone in the loop. If you message a freelance model about a job and they reply, make sure to follow up promptly and let them know if they got the job or not. 

How much should you pay a freelance model? 

Freelance models are no different from any other freelancer, they will set their rates based on their value. Unlike most other freelance professions, however, freelance models can be in high demand and charge a premium without much experience due to their look, professionalism and ability. A client who is hiring a model for a very specific look might have to pay a higher price to find them. A model may also increase their rate based on the usage of the images.

A freelance model may shoot for an upstart fashion label whereby the images will be used on a local website, and that's it. Another shoot maybe for a global brand and used all over billboards, ad campaigns and magazines. In the latter scenario, a freelance model will command a higher day rate for the shoot. 

For a ballpark figure, new models charge around £100 - £150 per day for standard commercial work. An established model may charge closer to £500 - £750 per day. Each project is different so make sure you discuss all the details with the freelance model before they sign a contract. 

Models for hire. How to protect you and the model. 

When hiring a model, ensure that you use a contract for every project. Outline the nature of the project, the agreed rate to be paid, when the payment will be made, and how/where the image will be used. It is very important that the model knows where their image is going to be used prior to the project. Clear communication and a contract that covers all the bases is the key to a successful working relationship. 

Don't forget... 

Get the brief right! Avoid sifting through 100s of unsuitable models by outlining exactly the type of model you would like to hire. Criteria to take into account includes: model measurements and particulars (height, waist, hips, shoe size, eye colour), ethnicity, level of experience and availability. Mention where the shoot will take place. Studio or on location and who else will be there - hair, makeup, stylist etc... 

Be sure to tell the model if they need to bring anything with them to the shoot. Are the models required to bring a change of underwear (often skin toned)? If on location, should they bring a coat, an umbrella or an extra pair of tights! Will you provide food? 

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 

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