Aleksandra Giersz
Art Director, Creative Director

Miss Killer Lolita - Miss X

A continuation of my “Miss …” project.
Miss Killer Lolita is an embodiment and a play on the usual image and meaning of the Japanese “Lolita” figure.
Nowadays, a Lolita is usually considered to be a young, underage girl who is acting in a sexual way. However, the original Lolita derives from a Japanese fashion movement which was a symbolic riot against the society’s strict rules and teachings. The Japanese society would often oppress and disapprove of youth-led self-expression and expect the young to grow up and be adults as soon as possible. The child-like colours, puffy dresses and knee-length socks were a symbol of how the youth wanted to remain free of the society’s oppressive mentality and rules, and remain youthful for longer. 
Miss Killer Lolita taken the history of the Lolita figure a step further and comments on how this image of a liberal, free Japanese Lolita got changed and sexualised under the eye of the male, Western spectator. 
The project plays on the contrast between her colourful, child-like and over-the-top exterior, versus the subtle dark elements of her dark eyes and the cold, Brutalist surroundings. Her empowering, strong and youthful exterior broken-down and stained the dark exterior. Her eyes show the darkness of her soul and her mind, while her exterior represents a mask of perfect, sexual youth. 
Creative Director
MAKE-UP: @itshels

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