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Welcome to the 'Introductions' Community. You've completed step one and signed up to the platform. Epic! Now tell us about yourself. Don't worry; we know how awkward these things can be, so... How about you tell us: 1) Your name 2) What you do (upload some work if you like) 3) What you can offer the community 4) What do you hope to gain from the community That's it! Then, feel free to reach out to people who catch your eye, offer your feedback and connect with the community. Remember, you can always contact one of us if you need help. Just pop over to the chat box.


Portfolio Feedback

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Genuine, honest and independent feedback is hard to find. Post a single project or portfolio and receive feedback from the community. It's all about construction critique that you can choose to act upon or ignore.


Throwback Thursday

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Give yourself a pat on the back and showcase your best work to the community. Post photos, videos, writing, design, illustration... and tell us what made this project special.


No Free Work

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Unpaid work for commercial gain is not okay and needs to be eradicated from our industry. In this Community, we expose exploitative practices that you can look out for, celebrate companies doing a good job and report job listings that advertise unpaid work.



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