Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship

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Admin: Rob Edwards


A place to celebrate, discuss and showcase neurodiverse business owners and entrepreneurs. Run by Rob Edwards of the Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship Association.


Community Leaders

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Admin: The Freelancer Club


A community of the most engaged members for each month.


Hidden Disabilities TFP Campaign 2022

20 Members
Admin: Leigh White


Leigh Whites' Hidden Disabilities project is a large, long-term collaboration project aimed at highlighting the daily challenges, stresses and symptoms that freelancers with hidden disabilities must face every day just to work in the creative industry. The project will showcase many different kinds of invisible illnesses and how the affected people manage and cope with them, both on good days and bad days, with a highly-edited and stylised avant-garde look to the final images. This community is an area for participants to discuss ideas and information relating to this project.

Everyone Model Photographer

Article Features

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Admin: Lo Furneaux


If you've ever wanted to be featured in an article on the Freelancer Club blog, then this is the community for you! Tell us your article ideas, give us your feedback and answer our questions! Responding to any of the quote requests from our in-house writers will almost certainly get you featured in one of our upcoming articles! Any responses used will be quoted with your name and a link to your Freelancer Club profile.


Shameless Promotion

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Admin: The Freelancer Club


Let's face it, we all need a place to promote ourselves and get the word out. Or, maybe you want to shine a light on another freelancer and promote someone else! Either way, this Community is all about promoting your skills, services, deals, and anything else you want to get out there.


Makeup Products Chat

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Admin: Josy Knox


A Community for Makeup Artists to discuss beauty products, offer our expert opinion and provide advice to others.

Makeup Artist

Money Talk

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Admin: The Freelancer Club


Freelancers tend not to talk about money. Let's change that! This community is dedicated to all things money-related. Pricing, negotiation and finances. Let's burst the taboo and open up about money.


Clients Be Like...

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Admin: The Freelancer Club


A Community to discuss our clients; how best to manage, support, educate and grow with them whilst promoting fair payment, inclusion and diversity.


Beginner Models & Photographers

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Admin: Nikol Romieri


Are you just starting your creative career, but everyone around you are professionals? This is the right place for you. Here we can help each other grow, work together, give advices and feedbacks, respond to concerns and curiosities. A community for beginners where you can feel comfortable to share your thoughts and be supported throughout your path. Share your pictures to receive feedback, interesting articles, any questions you might have and create new connections!

London, UK

Photographer Model (Male) Model (Female)

You Are Your Own RUNWAY. So OWN IT!

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Admin: Style With Flare


The aim of this Community is to connect the hidden talent of many creatives as well as sharing my knowledge as a Makeup Artist within the fashion and beauty industries whilst giving advice and beauty know-how to whoever wants it.

Makeup Artist Hair Stylist


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