Homework Helpers

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A place for students to meet academic writing experts to work on their assignments, essays, research papers, dissertations literature reviews and schoolwork

United States


Invoicing | Payments | Payroll | Benefits | Multiple Currencies

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Admin: Felipe Silva


Let's discuss the challenges of legitimizing your freelancer income and getting paid in the way you wish to no matter where in the world you or your clients are.

Everyone Web Developer Marketing

Community Requests

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Admin: Lo Furneaux


A place for people to share requests for studio space, equipment and anything else you might need to ask your fellow creative freelancers!


How To Use The Freelancer Club

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Admin: TFC


This Community is for Freelancer Club members to ask the Freelancer Club team technical questions about the platform. If you're unsure how to use a feature or tool on the site, drop us a post and we'll let you know. The more questions we answer, the more we can support the community and create a great FAQ resource for everyone. Please note: this is not a forum for customer support enquiries. If you'd like to discuss anything related to your membership or you have a general enquiry please click on Contact Us (in the footer) and we'll get back to you there.


Lets Talk About It

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Admin: The Freelancer Club


Freelancer Club is excited to announce a new series entitled: 'Lets Talk About It' where we will be inviting members of our community to join us on an IG Live for a chat followed by a Q&A on our Discussions board. We'll be live streaming conversations with members who have exceptional work to showcase, an interesting niche, a story to tell or experience in a specific sector. Following our stream on Instagram Live, we'll move over to the Discussion Board (here!) and answer your questions so we can keep a develop a knowledge base for all members to enjoy.


Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship

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Admin: Rob Edwards


A place to celebrate, discuss and showcase neurodiverse business owners and entrepreneurs. Run by Rob Edwards of the Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship Association.


Community Leaders

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Admin: The Freelancer Club


A community of the most engaged members for each month.


Hidden Disabilities TFP Campaign 2022

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Admin: Leigh White


Leigh Whites' Hidden Disabilities project is a large, long-term collaboration project aimed at highlighting the daily challenges, stresses and symptoms that freelancers with hidden disabilities must face every day just to work in the creative industry. The project will showcase many different kinds of invisible illnesses and how the affected people manage and cope with them, both on good days and bad days, with a highly-edited and stylised avant-garde look to the final images. This community is an area for participants to discuss ideas and information relating to this project.

Everyone Model Photographer

Article Features

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Admin: Lo Furneaux


If you've ever wanted to be featured in an article on the Freelancer Club blog, then this is the community for you! Tell us your article ideas, give us your feedback and answer our questions! Responding to any of the quote requests from our in-house writers will almost certainly get you featured in one of our upcoming articles! Any responses used will be quoted with your name and a link to your Freelancer Club profile.



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