You're determined to make your next project a success but you’re swamped with your current workload. 

The idea of hiring a freelancer to help out has crossed your mind once or twice. You're unsure though. 

Using a freelancer can be hit or miss. It can also be very time consuming and costly.

Let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend time online scrolling through Google or hours sifting through 100s of DMs on social media trying to find a freelancer. You probably don’t fancy using an expensive agency either.

Here at the Freelancer Club we understand how frustrating the process of hiring freelancers can be. That’s why we’ve simplified the process, making it more convenient and affordable than ever for companies to connect with freelancers.

As the past few months have been unbelievably tough on companies and freelancers alike, the Freelancer Club is giving companies £200 worth of Concierge Credits to help get everyone back doing what they do best - working! Credits can be used on our Concierge Service, which makes it as seamless and cost effective as possible for companies to engage with creative freelancers for their upcoming projects.

Okay. So now that you’ve got £200 worth of Concierge Credits, it’s time to find a freelancer to help make your upcoming project a success. 

Not sure what type of freelancer could best add value to your project?

No worries. We’ve put together a simple guide below highlighting five different types of freelancers and the services they offer.   


Working From Home Freelancer


  1. Copywriters 

Found yourself stuck for words while trying to come up with written content for your website, blog or social media platforms? 

If you’re not careful, copywriting can take up hours of your time. 

Copywriters love to write. It’s what they're good at and it comes naturally to them. Let them know what you need written and they’ll produce content in a tone and style that suits your business.


  1. Photographers

Whether your upcoming campaign is online or offline, you’ll need eye catching imagery to grab your audience's attention.

I’m sure your photography skills are okay but let’s be honest, you don’t want the imagery showcasing your company's products or services to only look okay, do you? 

Don’t underestimate the creativity possessed by professional photographers. Their vast experience and expert ability to capture subtleties that others easily miss could produce impactful imagery that could take your upcoming campaign to the next level. 

Photographers are re-opening their studios and putting measures in place to adhere to social distancing whilst some companies are sending their products to photographers by post to shoot and send back. 


  1. Website Designers/Developers 

If a shop looks dirty and unkept, you’re probably gonna steer clear of it right?

Consumers treat poorly designed websites in a similar fashion.

Your website needs to appear inviting to consumers, be easily navigable and contain high-quality content. 

Freelance website designers and developers can help you rejuvenate your website and even improve your ranking on Google. 

Before you launch your next project or campaign, make sure your website is in tip top shape.


  1. Graphic Designer

Thinking of rebranding? Looking for a suite of original, branded graphics for your next campaign? Need an infographic, banner ad, e-poster or flyer designed? 

Graphic designers are really creative individuals who know their stuff when it comes to design.

Don’t waste hours trying to create your own content with mediocre results. Find a freelance graphic designer who understands branding to help turn your ideas into high quality, standout content. 



  1. Videographer

Videos are a really effective and engaging way to promote your service or product. 

Many freelance videographers have loads of experience creating videos for a wide range of clients. Like photographers, their creativity is not to be overlooked or undervalued. Whether you need original footage shot or content made from stock video, a videographer and video editor can create a video that's perfect for your next project.


While we’ve only mentioned five types of freelancers above, there are a range of freelancers that companies can engage with through the Freelancer Club. These include animators, art directors, fashion designers, dancers, hair stylists, illustrators, influencers, make up artists, models, motion graphic designers, UX/UI designers and more.

Ready to find your perfect freelancer without the faff or the fees?

Set up a Company account to claim your £200 worth of Concierge Credits here and let’s get started.