The coronavirus outbreak of 2020 has stopped the world in its tracks. The streets are empty and there is no evidence of the once common hustle and bustle of the 9-5 workday. Despite this, most businesses (both large and small) continue to operate, albeit from the comfort of their own homes. It is an anxious time, and the depleting workforce of many businesses reflects this. Staff may be suffering with poor health, both mental and physical. What are your choices? Accept a dip in productivity? Throw in the towel? Or find solutions to keep the show on the road. You’re an entrepreneur, a problem solver - of course you’re going to find ways to make it work. 

A shift to remote working does not have to result in a drop in quality or productivity, and there are many tasks that can still be completed online to an exceptional standard. Reflecting the lack of government support for the 5 million UK self-employed, some freelancers are finding creative solutions to help companies with projects whilst we all get used to working in our PJs. 'Photographers, Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists are offering online tutoring, Facebook support groups are being utilised by those left without clients and sites like Freelancer Club are hosting virtual meetups to offer solutions to freelancers in need of advice. It is an anxious time for everyone, but it is not hopeless. Freelance workers and companies must continue to work together to keep their businesses alive. It takes a bit of planning, a pinch of dedication and creative solutions to ensure content continues to be created, even in the face of adversary.

Remote Freelance Projects

This article will break down the projects freelancers can complete using their skills, a bit of kit, clever tech and a lot of ingenuity.

Utilise the power of freelance

Get projects done whilst supporting local freelancers. To do this, post a job on the Freelancer Club’s Job Board for free. Describe in the content you require, mark it as a remote job and you’ll receive applicants in minutes.

If you want to build a positive working relationship with your freelancer, offer solidarity in the form of guidance and support. Freelancers have years of experience when it comes to working remotely, ask them for a few tips! 

Freelance Writers

Writers make an ideal freelancer when considering remote work - all communication can be done via phone, email or chat and writers are well used to remote work with clients. 

Freelancers offering a copywriting service can comfortably work from home. They can offer eye-catching content which can make your business heard over the noise. Despite this, their work is becoming less frequent. To combat this, advanced and junior freelance copywriters have been offering discounted services on Facebook groups to help them get through this difficult time. 

You may want a freelancer to produce content specific to the coronavirus outbreak, or maybe a written distraction for those that stumble upon your article. Here are a few project ideas that a freelancer can help with.

  • Blog articles - such as a Coronavirus statement unique to your business.

  • Copywriting

  • Technical writing

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

  • Online web content

  • Brand stories

  • Social Media copy (for each platform)

  • Language Translation

  • Code Translation

  • Proofreading

  • Fact checking

  • Research - writers can research content and information for your articles.



Similar to writing, designers need minimal face to face contact to get the work done. Just send them an in-depth brief and a preferred way of contact, and they are good to go. Remote graphic designers can use online tools to make your logo stand out, whilst remote web designers (both UX and UI) usually have collaborative software on their home technologies- making the process a lot simpler than going into an office. Now is the perfect chance for freelancers within this industry to offer discounted tutorials for potential clients - those who now have a lot more time on their hands.

  • Application design (iOS and Android)

  • User Interface Design (UI designer)

  • User Experience Design (UX designer) 

  • Web Design

  • Logo design

  • Poster design

  • Flyer design

  • Magazine layout

  • Product design

  • Illustrations for digital media

  • Infographics

  • Creative direction for a shoot

  • Powerpoint presentations for work from home educators and students


Models and Influencers

Models and influencers are highly versed in social media marketing and content creation. They know what their audience wants and if your brand aligns with their values, it could be a match made in heaven. It's not just promoting a product, app or service, models and influencers are using platforms such as Youtube and Zoom host online Vlogs, shows, and reviews. 

  • Product promotion - send them products. Influencers will create content and promote your item/company/business for you. 

  • Product, app or service video reviews



With children off school, and parents at their wits end, there has never been a greater need for educational and entertaining content. Freelancers can edit, enhance, and even create videos if they are sent the correct material online. They may also know of some local low capacity areas which are safe to record and create new video content in. Stock video footage can elevate the production as can stills when manipulated by a skilled editor. You'd be amazed at what a talented video editor can produce with minimal access to original footage. 


  • Video production

  • Video editing

  • Event footage to use on social media

  • Promotional video advertisement of a new App

  • Drone footage

  • Campaign video for a product

  • Motion Graphics for a website

  • Explainer Animation

  • 360 interior video

  • Property video for a commercial building

  • 3D animation for a website

  • Production

  • Product photos

  • Photo editing

  • Retouching

  • Mock-ups for a product

  • Street shots for a trend article

  • Photo stylist for a food shoot

  • Street or location shots



The beauty industry has arguably been the most affected by self isolation. Beauty work often requires close contact with clients - a process which can put them in contact with many potential carriers. But, with proper planning, freelancers can still help you with your beauty needs.

  • Send your products to Makeup Artists or Hair Stylists and they'll produce online videos, reviews and tutorials - perfect for beauty brands!

  • Makeup and Hair consultations. Have a professional virtually guide you through a desired look or offer professional beauty tips via online video.

  • Personal Stylists can provide fashion tips, where to shop online and offer discount codes that they have found online, or from brands they are sponsored by.


Hopefully this article can give freelancers and businesses some inspiration and we can all keep business moving during these unique times. To help, we've provided all employers with £200 of Concierge Credits absolutely free to get started. Click here to post your project.