No morning commute, working in PJs, and a home-cooked meal for lunch. Working from home is a big draw for freelancers. It undoubtedly has its benefits. Get up when you want, wear your slipper socks all day and never miss a delivery again! But what about the perks of an office environment? The water-cooler gossip, interaction with the outside world, working in a team and a structured working life. How do freelancers prevent the isolation of working from home becoming a problem and severely affecting health and mental wellbeing?

Here are some simple steps you can take to ease the loneliness experienced by many work-at-home freelancers.


It's never easy to self-reflect, particularly when it comes to challenging topics like isolation, anxiety and loneliness. Take a moment each day to think about how you feel. Some people like to meditate, others take 10 minutes to sit and reflect on their day. Do you thrive off the isolation and find that you are perfectly content to spend days at home in peace? Do you experience pangs of anxiety when you haven't interacted with anyone for a while or a sense of emptiness? Have you gone a few days without a job and not left the house because of it? How does that feel? Write it down. It's important to be aware of our mental health and, due to the nature of the work, freelancers can be particularly at risk.  

A Place Of Work

When your home is your office, the worlds of work and life can blur very easily. You should have a clearly defined workstation in your home. A desk, a private office, an attic room or a shed at the bottom of the garden. This is where you go to work and the rest of the house is your home. Clearly identifying these areas will help to separate work and the rest of your life and prevent the two from merging into one. If you don’t have space, you could corner off an area in your kitchen or living room. Alternatively, consider visiting a quiet coffee shop, co-working space or a flexible office to get you out of the house now and then

Create A Space You Want To Work In

Make your work space as comfortable, interesting and as inspiring as possible. Furnish it in a way that makes you feel happy so that it is a place you want to be. Add photographs of family members, posters, inspiring quotes or items that remind you of your dreams and ambitions. A source of natural light is also essential so whenever possible open windows and blinds to allow daylight to flood in. Invest in professional office furniture that supports your posture and prevents common injuries such as back pain and eye strain. 

Get Into A Routine

Try to get out of bed around the same time every day. Project work as a freelancer means some days are busier than others and, by all means, don't beat yourself up if you want a lie-in - that's a part of being a freelancer - but a routine can provide that bit of structure that freelancers often lack! As appealing as working from your warm bed is, try to get dressed and go to your work station. This routine will help with motivation and time management. 

Social Interaction

Take a proper lunch break and ideally leave the house for an hour or so. Take the dog for a walk, go to a local cafe or meet up with a friend for a chat. This will offer you some much needed fresh air to clear your head and the opportunity to chat with others about something other than work. We thrive off social interaction and a good old natter is always tonic. 

Interact Through Hobbies & Activities

Make time for hobbies, particularly those that involve other people. Join a gym, take a class or find a local group activity. If sport is not your thing then try a meetup group, a book club or a pudding club at the pub. Anything that gets gives you a sense of community will go along way to feeling good. 

Pick Up The Phone

It is easy to rely on email, DMs, or posts as a quick and anonymous form of communication. But it will benefit your business, your confidence and your well-being to pick up the phone and speak to people once in a while. Building relationships is the key to a successful business and a more fulfilled life. 

Online Communities

Joining online forums is also a good way to make contact with like minded individuals. These can be work related or to do with your interests outside work. Either way, they get you communicating, socialising and interacting with others on a regular basis. Working from home can be hugely rewarding but you need to get the balance right to really get the most from it. If fashion is your thing, check out our https://freelancerclub.net/jobs/ https://freelancerclub.net/jobs/ and collaborate with others in your field.