'Test Shoot' - a collaboration amongst creatives to produce images for the purpose of (non-commercial) portfolio use. Test shooting is how freelancers gain experience, develop their skills, produce portfolio work to show what they can do and a great way to meet others in the industry. We spoke to nail artist and Freelancer Club member, Shiene Mann, to hear her test shoot story. 

Why did you arrange a test shoot?

The reason for test shooting was to build up our portfolio and hopefully get recognised for the work that has been created. It also allows fellow creatives to make magic! Also, it is a fun way to meet people and hopefully build a team that we feel comfortable with. 

How did you arrange the test shoot? 

Finding the team on The Freelancer Club was amazing as we all wanted the same results. Everyone that was involved got on really well and had a good rapport.

What do you plan to do with the images? 

We would love to sell the images to magazines or advertising so through social media we tagged whoever we thought might be interested. The shoot theme was ethnic nationalities coming together to create unity. We did this through nails, makeup, hair and body art to represent the nationalities.

Who was on the team? 

Models Vanessa Sandu (India), Carly Plunkett (Africa), and Marino (Japan)
Photographer Miguel Villar
Makeup Artist Tasha Love 
Hair Stylist Jas Virdee

To post a test shoot for free, click here or apply to test shoots on our jobs board, available to ALL members.