Apply to freelance jobs, fast. Freelancers generally have to dedicate a portion of their week looking for new clients. Otherwise known as prospecting or 'new business', adding to your client base is an essential part of developing a successful freelance business. But who wants to be in front of a computer for hours, scrambling to apply to freelance jobs, when you could be out there doing what you love? Close your laptop and let us do the work for you.

apply to freelance jobs

Set your Job Alerts HERE to get started. 

Once your profile is complete, apply to freelance jobs in seconds. You'll receive job alerts when a job matches your criteria. Straight from your mobile, tablet or computer, you can apply to freelance jobs with a click of a button.

When you apply to freelance jobs, you can also include a message and a quote so that the client can get a better idea of your skills set, experience and rate. There's always room for negotiation so we suggest quoting with the budget set by the client. Apply to freelance jobs at any stage while the job is live, however, our statistics show that the earlier you apply to freelance jobs, the better your chances of landing the job. 

I've Done That and I'm Still Not Getting The Job

If you've applied to a bunch of jobs but not had any luck, there are a few steps you can take: 

  1. Check that you have created portfolio galleries to separate your work so you can choose specific portfolios to send when applying for a job. 
  2. Update your Skills on your Profile. Our Advanced Tech Algorithm uses all manner of data to show Clients the most relevant Freelancers on the site. You can add up to 10 Skills on your Profile that will help increase your position on the Clients applicants list. 
  3. Don't copy and paste the same message to every job. If there is a chunky brief, address the key points. If the client has written one sentence about the project, offer to schedule a call to discuss what they need in detail. You can also use our Message the Client feature to send them a question about the job before you send your quote. 
  4. The other way to land new clients is to get them to find you. You can rank higher up the Freelancer Directory with more likes, reviews and activity on the site. Like and comment on other members work, ask past clients for Reviews to get more visibility and exposure.  
  5. Be patient. We post hundreds of jobs on the site every week and it only takes one to pay back months of membership fees. 
  6. Aside from jobs, there is a LOT of value that you get as a member. Need a studio, a car, cheap insurance, money off printing? Check out the Discounts section.