Freelancing as a mobile hair stylist is a great way to earn extra money, expand your services and get out of the salon!  The benefits of mobile hair styling are huge from managing your own working week to meeting new people on a daily basis. Mobile hair styling also gives you the flexibility to work in others areas whether that's a part time job or in other sectors of the hair industry like fashion or session work. The other big advantage is that many clients require your service on the weekends or in the evenings. Here's our essential guide on becoming a professional mobile hair stylist.

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Your relationship with your clients is paramount to the success of your mobile hair styling business. Freelancers rely heavily on repeat business which is even for poinigant in the mobile hair industry. When working so closely with a client, you become more of a friend who they trust. Many mobile hair stylists or hairdressers find themselves acting as an agony aunt as much as a hair stylist. 
This puts a lot of enfaces on customer service and the satisfaction of your clients. Look after your clients or they'll soon find another hair stylist to listen to their problems!  The key words are respect, professionalism, friendliness and a caring ear. Remember this is their moment to feel special and that should stretch beyond a great hair cut. 

Treat your clients how you would like to be treated and they'll form the foundation of your mobile hair business.



Once you find a bunch of clients, the next thing to consider is keeping them on your books. This is a lot more about personality than business but there are things to consider. Get into the habit of reaching out to your clients on a regular basis. Don't hound them or turn up at their house unannounced but periodically drop them an email or connect with them on a social platform. We've found that the balance of professional and casual works well here.  

Try to book your client into another appointment after each session. If you've worked on a client for a night out, ask when her next big occasion is and if she'd like to book you in for this. You can say that you get booked up a lot so taking a slot early is always safer. The client can always change the appointment but at least you're talking to them now. 

Make sure to keep a list of your clients. A Google spreadsheet is fine or for a more tailored client management tool try: Sugar Mobile, Insightly or even the Contacts tab in Gmail. Once you've got your list, reach out to your clients as and when you deem suitable. If you don't hear from a client in a while, make an extra effort to remind them of your services.

Under promise and over deliver. Little touches often make all the difference when it comes to client retention. When visiting someone's home for a hair appointment, be punctual, polite and respectful. Ask if they'd like you to take your shoes off when entering, make sure your kit is clean and that you are well presented. 

It's always nice to receive a small gift too. Why not leave a sample product with your business card or a voucher for their next appointment. 

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