Amiraa Vee is a model based in New York currently making her mark in the industry with an exceptional portfolio of work. Recently she featured in an ad campaign for ‘Creme of Nature’ and has also appeared at New York Fashion Week on various catwalks. 

Her unique style and features have been highlighted in influential fashion blogs and on leading publications such as The Huffington Post. She is currently working towards getting more print and commercial work while focusing on establishing her brand.

Discover exclusively on The Freelancer Club Amiraa’s inspiring journey and see how she’s taking her career to the next level.

Interview with Amiraa Vee

Iain: What made you decide to go into modelling?

Amiraa: I decided to go into modelling at the age of 12 when I got the opportunity to be in my first fashion show. (Thanks to my hairstylist at the time.) I used to always strut around the house when I was younger in my mom’s heels and I absolutely loved getting my picture taken. My mother tells me that I was always so comfortable behind the camera since a baby.

Iain:  How did you promote yourself when you first started out? 

Amiraa: When I first started, the way I would promote myself was on any social media platform. I would get memberships to modelling platforms as well to post my portfolio in hopes of booking work.
Iain: What have been some of the struggles you've faced on your journey so far?

Amiraa: Some of the struggles I have faced on my journey include being constantly told that I am too short to be a model, dealing with different scam projects/artists, and a lack of exposure. Lastly, getting overlooked a lot because casting directors & agents were not taking notice of my unique physique & exotic features.

Iain: Who do you look up to in the fashion industry and what is it about them that inspire your creativity?

Amiraa: I look up to a couple of people for different reasons. One of the most impactful people to me is Rihanna. She has broken so many barriers, pushed so many boundaries, and she is so enticing; her style is very free & creative. She is not afraid to be herself, ever. She inspires me to stay true to myself and to always be open to trying new things.
Iain: What are some of your business goals as an entrepreneur? 

Amiraa: Some of my business goals as an entrepreneur are to gain financial independence with my website/blog. To produce a fragrance line, shoe & clothing line with an international brand, and hosting gigs for fashion events. Landing some print / commercial ad campaigns would be the biggest focus aside from my blog.
Iain: Who are your favourite designers and what do you like about them?

Amiraa: I have so many that I love. To name a few: Balmain, Stella McCartney, Dsquared, Versace, Alaia, and Alexander Wang. They all have very different intriguing aesthetics that bring another sense of creativity to the table.

Iain: What would be your tips for people just starting out in the industry looking to freelance?

Amiraa: My tips would be to remain consistent and stick with it. It is a process for sure, but if you are passionate enough about whatever it is that you want to do and bring your best all the time, you will see progress. Never give up. Make connections, never burn bridges, and speak up for what you are doing.

Iain: What are your innermost desires?

Amiraa: I feel compelled to document my style, empower women, and inspire others through my creative expression as a model. My blog is for like-minded people who want to live a beautiful, empowered life filled with culture, fashion and freedom. To implement that beauty, culture, and freedom of expression can create the empowered woman we all dream to become. I want continuous exposure to new ideas and set trends that I can share and interpret for my audience while gaining my independence financially, creatively, and on a larger platform. 

Check out Amiraa’s website and see her portfolio here. You can also add her on Instagram and Twitter.