We love a good podcast at Freelancer Club. They are the perfect way to learn something new, get inspired or just zone-out when when you're on the move or have an hour to kill. For freelancers who need to know a little about a lot, podcasts can help you develop key skills in no time. To compile our list, we asked the team (all freelancers) what's on their playlist and came up with a few podcasts that have added value to our freelancing lives.


Yes, it's a podcast about how one guy set up a startup company but there are so many transferable tips that freelancers can use that we had to include it on our list. Alex Blumberg worked on This American Life which, if you're a podcast aficionado, you'll know produce high quality (if not a bit 'American') content. The production level on Startup is off the charts, each episode is driven by a compelling narrative and it's extremely entertaining. We even like the adverts as they use creative techniques to promote their sponsors. 


THE ALLROUNDER -  The Accidental Creative

Kudos on the name - that's what grabbed our attention first. They dig into the subject matter really well on this podcast. From getting into a creative rut to finding your sweet spot. They use an interview format and chat with various experts from a range of fields. The host, Todd Henry, has a calm manor and you'll hear from people who can teach you a little about a lot - ideal for freelancers. 


Podcasts Freelancer


Every episode, Steve Folland interviews a freelancer about their lives, inspiration and challenges being freelance. We like it as there's a lot of real world learning from listening to the interviewees and Steve has a great voice that guides them through the chat. 


THE FAMOUS ONE - The Tim Ferriss Podcast

You may know Ferriss as the guy who wrote the '4 Hour Workweek', a title that publishers dream of whilst the rest of us cringe. His podcast, however, is much more nuanced and thoughtful. Check out the episode with Seth Godin on 'How to say no like a professional', and episode #166, 'How Creatives Should Negotiate'.  


Best Podcast for Freelanceres


Adam Grant is an organisational psychologist who sounds about 17 when you first hear him speak. In fact, he's an articulate 37 year old on a mission to find ways that "make work not suck".

You may have seen his TED talk discussing how creative people come up with great ideas. He's smart and articulate. Each episode explores new ways to tackle common problems in a working environment and there are loads of gems to extract for freelancers. The episode on the 'Creative power of misfits' is essential listening. Similar to Ferriss, you'll often pick up insights that you can apply to your own freelance business or, at the very least, have some cool psychological facts to impress your mates. 



When we started Freelancer Club, we wanted to share are experiences as freelancers, not just the good times but the realities of life as an independent creative. 

The Messy Truth podcast seems to share our values. Photo Director Gem Fletcher interviews fellow photographers, commissioners and editors as they open up about their experiences and discuss their work. Some episodes touch on marketing and the impact of social media, the pros and cons of representation, the allure of awards, as well as mental health in an age of hustle culture. It's not easy being a freelancer but it's bloody marvellous when you find the right balance.



London College of Fashion (and UAL in general) do a great job at supporting their freelancing students. This year they invited the founder of Freelancer Club Matt Dowling alongside Roxanne Peters, Intellectual Property Lecturer at UAL, to sit down and discuss a freelancer's value, finances, IP and rights. Part technical and informative, part passionate and rousing, it talks about your legal rights, your value as a freelancer, pricing, and money. 

Other episodes cover a super-wide range of topics from knowing your craft as a Makeup Artist to contemporary Muslim fashion exhibitions in San Francisco. If fashion or freelancing is your bag, you'll find some seriously good content. 


THE REAL ONE - The Winging It Podcast

Ever wanted advice on how to build, maintain and totally own a career that you love? Silly question - you're a freelancer! Lucy Hitchcock guides you through it with a splash of panache and a dash of ...damn, ran out of words that rhyme with dash. Just check it out, it's really good.