Being a part of a community is about giving as much as it is taking. You tend to get back what you put in. In addition to feeling connected to a creative collective, we've decided to reward those who are proactive members of the club with Community Points. And as we all know, my friends, points mean prizes!


How Can I Earn Community Points? 

Easy. Get active on the platform, use features, upload new work, post test shoots, apply for jobs, upvote answers on the Discussions Board, attend Meetups, like member's images or constructively critique their projects. We're going to keep our formula secret but it's safe to say that if you're an active members of the Club, you'll earn Community Points. 

Why Is My Community Score Important? 

Aside from being an active participants of a creative community, your Community Score comes with perks. You will rank higher on the Freelancer Directory (order by Community Score), gain more exposure, increase the number of client enquiries you receive, gain new followers and build a reputation as a leader in the community.