You've just got engaged - congratulations! Now the planning begins. The cost of a wedding is often perceived to be higher than the reality. It's a bit of a minefield out there so we thought we'd break it down to help you save money and time with the core aspects of planning the perfect wedding.


When looking at the average cost of a wedding there are a lot of variant numbers floating about. We found blog articles claiming the average cost is £8,000 whilst others claim it is closer to £30,000. It all felt a little random so we decided to reach out to our extensive wedding database of over 500 couples located across the UK to find out the average cost of a wedding. Bear in mind that the cost of a wedding will largely depend on the number of guests in attendance and the choice of venue so we've left the venue figure out as the margins were too broad. The majority of the couples we asked used The Freelancer Club for a number of their services and thankfully said that they spent less than couples they knew who did not.



Bands are awesome but if you're on a budget, a DJ will save you a few quid and be far less work in terms of equipment, set up, feeding the band etc...! Bands costs £1200 on average whilst a DJ will play the night away for around £600 (without sound system and lighting). Certain decisions that result in small savings may seem insignificant but they add up and dramatically increase the cost of a wedding.  



Wedding Photographers generally range from around £600 for a very basic package up to thousands on a luxury snapper. The Freelancer Club has provided more photographers to couples than any other discipline and the average price is £850. There are extras to consider such as retouching, prints, photo albums, transport, food and accommodation (all negotiable) for the photographer so make sure you put a package deal together when you post your requirements.  


Hair and makeup are essentials for the bride and bridal party. They are the least expensive item on the list when it comes to the cost of a wedding and, some would argue, the most important. The bride should feel confident and beautiful on her wedding day so getting the hair and makeup right is key. The Freelancer Club have hundreds of exceptional hair and makeup artists placed all over the UK who can accommodate your specific look. We always recommend booking in a trial (around £30 - £50) to see which look you'd like for your big day.  

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