Since restrictions were lifted in June, lots of our members have found themselves busier than ever with freelance projects and it’s been heartening to see positive reviews popping up on our members' profiles from clients who were really happy with their work.

These positive reviews often come from clients who adopt an open, creative and collaborative working relationship with a freelancer. 

In this article, we profile a client and a freelancer, Liwia Dekert and Mike Hogan, whose collaborative approach to Liwia’s job led to the creation of unique, high-quality work. 


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Meet Mike and Liwia

First up, Mike.

If you’ve ever Googled phrases like ‘wedding photography london’, ‘product photography london’, ‘london family photographer’, ‘events photographer london’ or ‘headshots london’, you may have come across photographer, Mike Hogan.

Mike Hogan is a highly experienced, award-winning photographer. He offers clients a wide range of photography services including corporate PR, press and media coverage, live events, headshots, product and family and wedding photography. 

Having first picked up a camera as a child, Mike has since acquired vast experience and valuable skill sets which have enabled him to develop into the in-demand creative he is today. All that said, Mike still maintains a strong enthusiasm to learn new skills and is always keen to keep his work fresh with new ideas. 

“I started photographing from childhood, taking photos at family events mainly with manual film SLR cameras, and have never stopped taking photos since.”

“I have now been photographing for a good number of years and have experience in a number of disciplines which I love and I am always learning something new.”

Despite having years of experience under his belt, Mike continues to bring passion and excitement to every project he works on. Something clients always love to see!

I am always excited when taking on a new project and treat every photoshoot like it's my first! I will always experiment and incorporate something a little different which I call my "special selection photos" in photo shoots.”’

Mike understands the importance of being flexible as a freelance photographer. Furthermore, he is keenly aware that having strong people skills is equally important as having strong technical skills in the creative industry.

“Being a freelancer you need to be adaptable and know what you are doing when working for clients, photography is as much about people as it is about taking photos, these skills have been invaluable for me.”

Black and white and in-camera artistry is Mike’s main passion and he tries to incorporate some of these techniques into every photoshoot he’s involved in, where possible.

On to Liwia.

Liwia Dekert, who Mike describes as “a very talented artist” creates ‘double-sided’ spaces, through installations, drawings, sculptures, and text, suspended on the verge of optimism and pessimism, lightness and heaviness, restriction and potential, physicality and immateriality.

She reached out to Mike as she wanted an experienced photographer to capture images of her art exhibition that she could use in her portfolio and on her website


Liwia's artwork. Event photographer london, headshots london, product photography London, wedding photography london, london family photographer

Finding the Right Freelancer

Liwia was drawn to using Freelancer Club as she liked the fact that she was in complete control of the hiring process and could explain exactly what she was looking for in a swift and timely manner. 

“I liked the idea that I could post my ad and explain exactly what I needed. I was hoping that someone [a freelancer] would resonate with my project and be able to help me on time.”

Liwia had a very specific brief regarding the kinds of shots she wanted a photographer to capture and was delighted to learn that she could include these details in her job spec. 

“I had quite specific requirements; I was looking for a photographer with experience in low light shoots. My exhibition was full of light nuances; the general light level of the space was low but there was also a contrasting intensely lit element.”

“Capturing that atmosphere was very important for me, it is quite challenging to do it in photos. I was hoping to find a photographer who could capture both the atmosphere and details of the exhibition in the low light conditions.”

Liwia received responses from freelancers quite soon after posting her job, which enabled her to make a quick selection and move onto the planning stage.

“I was surprised by how quickly photographers responded. I received many great proposals soon after posting my project brief. At this point I knew that I would be able to find a skilled photographer in time. I was able to browse proposals, portfolios and choose a freelancer on the same day.”

Due to his vast experience and range of skill sets, Liwia selected Mike for the job. 

“We are both creatives with an appreciation for each other’s skill set.”


Producing Great Work Through Mutual Respect, Creativity and Understanding 

Liwia's artwork. Event photographer london, headshots london, product photography London, wedding photography london, london family photographer

When asked how the shoot went, both Liwia and Mike said it went very well, with both attributing its success to each other's skills, patience and creativity. 

On Mike, Liwia explained that his commitment to producing quality work, his clear communication and his technical expertise, in particular (especially when it came to lighting), made him a very easy person to work with. 

“Mike is very dedicated to quality. He has tremendous knowledge that I could see right from the start because he explained in clear and technical details what he intended to do to produce a great shot in my lighting conditions. I also saw his award-winning low light/atmospheric photographs which further showed his expertise.”

On location at Liwia’s art exhibition, Mike didn’t simply speed through the shoot which helped put Liwia at ease and created an environment in which both parties could be creative and share ideas. This relaxed pace also meant that Mike had ample time and opportunity to play with light and use different lenses and exposures to produce unique shots. As Liwia explained:

“Our shoot was not rushed at all, and every photo was taken manually. This was very important because it allowed Mike to fine-tune every shot. He used very interesting processes to work with the low light, such as shooting with multiple exposures which can then be combined to show both the atmosphere and details.”

“Mike had great equipment with him and took photos using different lenses including an ultra-wide lens which gave a panoramic feel. This worked very well for some parts of the exhibition.”

Mike also put a lot of time and attention into editing each photo, combining the exposures, and experimenting with some additional effects such as black and white variations. Each photo was produced with genuine care from start to finish which is why they turned out amazing”

On Liwia, Mike said:

“Liwia is a very talented artist.  The quality, attention to detail, and passion she has for her work really shines though.” 

It’s clear that their communication was fantastic throughout the project which positively contributed to the final work that the pair produced. Mike was committed to bringing Liwia’s creative vision to life while suggesting creative ideas that could help to further enhance her vision. 

“We got on really well, had great communication and understanding of requirements. I wanted to capture the artwork through her eyes and how she wanted her work to be seen. When working directly with an artist I will always want as much input from them as I can get.”

“I suggested different angles, making little adjustments to lighting etc….we are both creatives with an appreciation for each other’s skill set.”

“Each photo was produced with genuine care from start to finish which is why they turned out amazing”


Using Clear Communication to Produce Great Work

Throughout the shoot, Liwia and Mike continuously chatted and provided each other with ideas and feedback in order to capture shots that aligned with Liwia’s creative visions. 

As soon as Mike arrived at Liwia’s exhibition, their line of communication was open, honest and free flowing. 

“I asked her exactly how she wanted her work to look in the photos and also suggested ideas and captured some test shots prior to the main shoot.”

“We also talked throughout the shoot and discussed how the artwork was made, how long it took to put it together etc. which was fascinating.  Good communication is always important. As the photo shoot progressed, we both were suggesting ideas to each other.”

As an artist, Liwia has a strong creative vision. Mike simply helped her bring this vision to life. Due to the positive nature of their collaborative relationship throughout the shoot, both Mike and Liwia were very happy with the shots Mike produced. 

“Liwia being an artist knew what she wanted in her mind but did not know exactly how to ask and what to expect which is why I spent some much time over lighting, overall compositions, and having a conversation etc. and I explained everything as the photos were being taken. We worked really well together and look forward to working with Liwia again.”


Liwia's artwork. Event photographer london, headshots london, product photography London, wedding photography london, london family photographer


Mike and Liwia’s collaborative work is a perfect example of a healthy client-freelancer relationship in action. 

Through a direct line of communication, both felt comfortable sharing their creative ideas which helped Mike produce creative shots that both himself and Liwia were equally pleased with.

Like any relationships, client-freelancer relationships need to be tended to and nourished by both parties in order to reap the full benefits of the partnership. 

So, next time you’re partnering up with a client or a freelancer on a job, keep Mike and Liwia’s relationship in mind. There’s plenty to take from these creative’s relationship! 

Remember, if you’ve been Googling ‘wedding photography London’, ‘product photography London’, ‘London family photographer’, ‘events photographer London’ or ‘headshots London’, it’s definitely worth contacting Mike about your job. Feel free to reach out to him here! 

Want to learn more about Liwia’s art? Check out her website here.  


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