Freelancers have been an afterthought for far too long. The government continually undermines the value of the 5 million self-employed individuals in the UK with harmful policy changes, token gestures and empty promises. A risky strategy when one considers that freelancers make up around 15% of the UK workforce. Amide the current coronavirus crisis, the government have provided support to the self-employed but, in our opinion, not enough so we've decided to take action and we're asking our members to join us.

Freelancers across the board are losing work and wages as a direct result of COVID-19. Yes, this impacts all businesses, however, freelancers are the least protected and do not have the safety net of sick pay or job security if a client is forced to shut up shop or pause projects for the foreseeable future. 

Freelancers choose to forgo certain employee privileges when they go it alone and often compensate for the lack of rights with higher day rates and more control. However, when a crisis hits, it's important to support a community that helps prop up the economy year on year. Freelancers may not be on a company's payroll but they add vast amounts of value to businesses up and down the country. 

As freelancers do not qualify for many of the rights that full-time employees take for granted, including sick pay, holiday pay or maternity leave, it's vital that the government step up and take action. We must give credit where it's due, government has acted swiftly to ease the burden for many self-employed individuals by making it easier to access benefits, however, many freelancers we've spoken to had no idea that this was in place or how to access it. 

Government must improve its communication and recognise that tweaks in the system (particularly regarding Universal Credit and sick pay) do not solve a wider problem. There is still confusion around the system and the administrative strain is costly to freelancers. Freelancers sell their time as a service. Chasing invoices, providing documentation for benefits, researching and understanding a complicated system all eats into the weekly hours needed to sell services and keep their business afloat. Simply put, it's not good enough and if we don't take action it will result in closure for many freelancers. 

A large chunk of our members provide face to face services. Photographers, makeup artists, videographers, models, stylists... When events, parties, gigs, shows, and weddings get cancelled, work stops for many. The restriction of large gatherings means our freelancers are no longer required and this leaves them in a highly precarious position. Off the back of Brexit, IR35 and now COVID-19, it's not been an easy start to the year! 

What can you do?

We're asking all members to take action now by contacting their local MP asking them to speak with the Prime Minister about this issue!

Email your MP asking them to pressure the PM into extending sick pay from day one to freelancers who are impacted by the coronavirus. You can find your local MP by using this link: email your MP and use the email template below as a guide.  


Dear XXX,

I am writing to you as a freelancer in danger of losing income and possibly my business due to the lack of action taken by the government in light of COVID-19. I would like you to ask the Prime Minister to extend sick pay from day one to low paid, zero hours AND freelance workers affected by COVID-19 or in self isolation due to coronavirus.

You may also wish to contact Freelancer Club at to learn more about the impact the coronavirus is having on the freelance community and the urgent need to take action now. 

[Tell them how coronavirus is impacting your life, your story and any personal challenges that you are facing due to COVID-19)