Designing the perfect business card isn’t always as easy as it sounds. In that 85mm x 55mm space you need to encapsulate your brand and business seamlessly to make your network eager to find out more. To help you get people picking up the phone or dropping you an email, instantprint have put together a handy guide on how to design a business card that attracts the right customers.

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What to Include

This may seem obvious to some, but sometimes concentrating purely on design veers focus away from the information you actually need for people to reach you. As a minimum, your card should include:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Email
  • Company name or logo

In terms of the core function of a business card this will get you by, but as it is also an extension of your brand so you must strike a balance between the aesthetics and functionality. Use your branding and design as a platform to frame your details in a way that goes beyond just leaving your contact information.

Convey a Clear Brand Message


instant print logo designYour business card is essentially an extension of you and your brand. It must therefore communicate a clear brand message that is consistent with everything else you do, and reflect how you want to be perceived just as any other marketing collateral.

If you produce other marketing materials, ensure the same colours, fonts and imagery steer the direction of the design to fine-tune your brand with your logo and tag line making a strong appearance. Even then there’s still more to consider than the design; if you’re a premium brand, printing your cards on a quality thick stock (paper) immediately reinforces the high standard you strive to provide, and proves attention to detail is always at the forefront of your services.


Keep It Simple

Whilst it’s necessary to include your contact information, the most common mistake when designing business cards is squeezing too much on. Stick to the key information above to avoid overcrowding a small space; when it comes to business cards less is definitely more.

… So don’t be afraid of white space! Instead of wasting room it will actually accentuate key messaging, make your business card easy to read and keep your brand crisp and clean. You need your contact details to stand out so customers can find what they need immediately.


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Design to the correct size and get the artwork right

Business card sizes aren’t always standard size; the range of shapes stretches from your classic 85mm x 55mm to square and mini sizes, so bare this in mind when designing your cards. Although there’s more options to play with, what works on a classic card probably won’t suit a square, and there’s significantly less space to play with on a mini card! Adjust your designs to make your brand work on all variations.

Creative Design

The most impactful business cards have a sharp design which carefully takes into account your brand, but still offers a creative edge to make them as memorable as possible. Experiment with different ways to wow your customers; interactive design where a simple fold can transform your card into something more is certain to impress. This excellent card has been designed to look like a smartphone cleverly integrating modern and traditional networking methods.

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So, there is a lot more to consider when designing a business card than you may have first thought, but by sticking with this guide you’ll be sure to create a card to remember!

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Featured image by Samo Soviet