Life as a freelancer brings up a lot of very unique challenges that may not crop up as regularly if we were working a normal 9-5 job. Imposter syndrome, burnout and compare & despair frequently impact freelancers. Whilst working for ourselves is incredibly rewarding, these challenges can very easily stop us from achieving all that we envisioned when we made the decision to go freelance.

One of the common themes we face repeatedly in our freelance lives is the question of what to charge for our services. It’s a topic that can bring up a lot of insecurity, doubt and comparison within us, and because of this, we can end up charging a lot less than our services are worth. We really undervalue ourselves. 

During this Masterclass, we will be working through an exercise that is designed to help you to bust through any unhelpful stories/reasons that have been adding to your lack of self-confidence so that you're able to find clarity on how to build your confidence and finally start charging what you and your services are truly worth. 

Expect to leave this session with:

  • Clarity on what's been holding you back
  • Awareness of how these reasons are not necessarily fact
  • Improved confidence to ask for what you deserve 
  • A knowing that your work is worth it
  • A knowing that the value you offer is worth it



A little bio: 

Having trained as an actor over 12 years ago, Caitlyn Dacroy has worked in the freelance world ever since. She founded The Authentic Project, a community for freelancers, in 2017 and has run events and courses for the freelance community since then. Her passion is working with people to help them live the most fulfilling and inspiring life possible, without limitation. After training as a coach in 2020 with Animas Caitlyn has gone on to train with High Performing Coach and is now working as a Transformational Coach with creatives and freelancers alike.