We frequently hear that ‘Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion’ are essential to business success but what are the realities from a freelancer’s perspective? Are minorities fairly represented amongst blended workforces and what are the challenges faced by freelancers in this space?

‘Let's Talk About It’ is back to learn about diversity in the creative industry with Teelo Vasiliou, a Creative Director and Production Coordinator at Frame Perfect, The Collective.

Teelo will share his freelance journey as a creative from a minority group, discuss the challenges and obstacles faced by under-represented communities, and how he is actively facilitating change through his production company.

In this talk, we are going to cover how creating a circular economy and focusing on collaboration can help create a better, more diverse creative industry whereby all talent is welcome and treated equally.

Teelo will outline how he is promoting inclusion and assisting creatives from under-represented communities to strengthen their career prospects and prove their worth.

About: Teelo is leading Frame Perfect, The Collective, a production company specialising in fashion visual productions. He has been engaged in the fashion media industry for over the last eight years.