There’s something about Ella.


A professionally trained dancer, model and creative director, Ella Judge is passionate about  collaborating with fellow freelancers to create content that promotes important causes. 


In this piece, we explore Ella’s exciting career to date and chat about a recent shoot she organised with fellow creatives to help raise awareness of breast cancer.


Connecting with other creatives 

Based in London, Ella’s modelling work to date has included fitness and dance shoots. Saying that, her creative nature often lends itself to more high fashion editorial projects. As a very ambitious, creative and experimental freelancer, Ella is always eager to work with fellow freelancers to share and try out ideas on shoots.

“I am a very creative and experimental young female who often puts projects together to connect with new creatives”, she explains. 

Proactivity and organisation are not the first two words one thinks of when describing a freelancer, however, in Ella’s case they are the driving force behind her creativity. 


Promoting important causes through freelancer collaboration

Ella recently organised a unique test shoot which aimed to help raise awareness of breast cancer among both men and women. 

My inspiration for this particular photo shoot was my own personal experience with breast cancer.” 

“It’s a really great shoot and a really, really important cause for myself and the whole team.  We’re hoping that through this shoot we can raise awareness around breast cancer”.

Everyone involved in the collaboration posted the shoot images on their social media pages on October 22nd, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Day, along with a caption about how individuals can check their breasts.



Using Freelancer Club to Assemble a Team

Ella headed up this poignant collaboration shoot as creative director and assembled a large, passionate team to help her bring her vision to life - nine models, two studio photographers, a flash mob of photographers and two MUAs, some of whom she sourced from Freelancer Club.

Using Freelancer Club has been so helpful with this shoot. I have found a good few models on it as well as an assistant MUA. It’s a great way to connect with other creatives who are like minded and want to get involved in a shoot like this”.” 


creative director London. A dancer London. Fitness modes London?


Collectively creating an engaging aesthetic

To engage with and educate a younger audience about breast cancer, Ella and her team decided to go with a high fashion aesthetic for the shoot. 

“It had a very high fashion feel to it as we’re trying to target young people between 20 and 30 who are going to be the main people who will see it on social media. We wanted the images to be really visually impactful so that people were drawn into them, then looked at the caption and then found out information etc.”

And the colours? Instead of using just baby pink, the traditional colour used to symbolise breast cancer, the team used a variety of pink tones throughout the shoot to shake things up and help the content to stand out on social media. 

creative director London? A dancer London? Fitness modes London?

“I think our own creativity is a great way to spread important messages such as this one” 

Ella was spot on with this observation. Since the beginning of time, people have used their creativity to ensure that important messages were effectively communicated to large audiences. 

In the dawn of social media, it’s never been easier to share important messages. However, it is cluttered out there in the digital ether so before you post, make sure you do what Ella and her team did: create content that will stand out. Content that people will engage with. 

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