How to get published in Vogue? Fashion magazine submissions can be tricky. Whether you're looking to get your work published in Vogue Italia, Another Magazine, or L'Officiel magazine, we'll explain how to submit your work to top fashion magazines, with the help of photographer and Founder of Afi Magazine, Conrad Lee. You can also download a free list of magazines accepting submissions below.

Vogue Magazine Submissions

How to Submit Work to a Fashion Magazine?

  1. Tell your shoot team that you intend to submit the work. Most submissions come from test shoots (collaborations with fashion teams) and it's important that, if you are the one arranging the test shoot, to tell the shoot team that you intend to submit the work and ask them not to publish or share the shots anywhere until you've sent them to the fashion magazines. Some fashion teams sign a Test Shoot Agreement (download a test shoot agreement template by clicking the link) before they shoot with a clause that outlines this point. If a fashion magazine sees that the shoot has been published elsewhere, it's less likely they will publish your submission. If you would like to arrange a Test Shoot (for free), click here to post your idea and source a shoot team or browse and apply for Test Shoots live on the Collaboration Board.
  2. Make a list of the magazines you'd like to submit your work. Pay attention to their previous content and themes. Read the submission guidelines to ensure you meet their criteria. Check if they have a particular theme for their next issue. Submission guidelines can generally be found on their website. If not, email them and ask if they A) accept submissions and B) when is the deadline for submissions and C) what the theme for the next issue. 
  3. Follow the submission guidelines. Some magazines have an online submission process. For example, Vogue Italia has a specific online process dedicated to online submissions. However, if you're required to email the work, a ZIP file containing high-res images, a PDF with the order of the shots and credits of the team will do.  
  4. Don't bulk email to a database of magazines. Typically, you can only have your work published in one magazine so choose your preference and work your way down the list. Give it around 2 weeks, if you don't hear anything back, re-submit the work to another magazine. Exclusivity (including use on their social media channels) is, more or less, mandatory. 
  5. Show editors that you understand their magazine. An email saying “Here are my photos, publish me” is less appealing to one explaining why you think your work is suitable for publication. To get featured in highly competitive magazines such as, for example, Vogue, it's crucial that you understand what's required of your work before sending off your Vogue submissions. 
  6. Tell a story. For editorials, the story is key. What are you trying to convey in your fashion or beauty story? What mood? What product? Etc. An editorial with a good story is one that would likely to be picked over one without.

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What makes a great fashion magazine?

There are a few things that I think make a great fashion magazine. Firstly, it’s great content, and this depends on the fashion magazine submissions. The content really defines the magazine and what it is about. What the magazine covers and whether readers like it is somewhat subjective. Whilst some Fashion magazines may focus on latest trends, others may focus more on news, business etc.

We at Afi chose to showcase the creative side of the fashion and photography industry by featuring fashion and beauty editorials, as well as interview creatives from this industry to share their work and words of wisdom. 

The key aspect is to have content that your target readers will find interesting and to predict that, you need to know and understand your target audience.  I often ask myself what I want my readers to feel after reading our magazines issue? Inspired? Motivated? Or maybe even in love?

Fashion Magazine Submissions Vogue
Photographer: Vasiliy Galushkin @vasiliygalushkin Model: @anina_sergeevna MUA: @nataliya_gladkaya and @kseniyazolotova Hair: @rommroom and @irenromm Necklace: @elen.godis

The second aspect that I feel makes a great fashion magazine is it's aesthetics, especially for magazines showcasing fashion editorials. Magazine design and layout are really important aspects that help put a fashion story across in a cohesive way. The layout and designs also grabs attention and assist an editorial to become memorable. As an editor, I feel putting a good amount of effort into making the design neat and representable is a way of respecting the work of your contributors.

The magazine is like a gallery, I want to showcase my contributors work in the best way possible. This process is not easy, layout and designing is itself a creative process that requires time, and constant self-scrutiny and revision. Every aspect, from deciding on the cover, editorial title, type of font, to where the captions are placed can actually be tough decisions that one has to make. The quality and feel of the magazine really has to be consistent.

My third point is its exposure on social media and its influences. More readers mean your work gets seen to a wider audience, where future jobs and collaborations may arise. Certainly for a young independent magazine, building a following and network takes time to grow. However, the advantage of these smaller magazines is the personalised connections that they can make with it’s readers and contributors. Where, when and how a magazine shares contents can be a game changer in getting readers.

Fashion magazines accepting submissions
Photographer: FrankBayth and Steff Rosenberger - @frankundsteff  |  Model: Janino V - Brody Bookings.  |  Stylist: Beata Isabella Notzke - @beata-fashionstylist  |  Hair and Make-up: Rachel Taubert  

Download Fashion Magazines Accepting Submissions

How do you choose which editorials to feature? 

It is often very hard to choose from numerous fashion magazine submissions! But firstly I would like to see that the submitter has followed all the submission guidelines when they send in their work. Fashion Magazine submissions here.

Guidelines are there for a reason, and it also shows the editor that you have taken it seriously. Obviously, if the images do not meet the technical aspect for print (e.g. <300 dpi) then we cannot use them. Some magazines are very strict on guidelines, from the number of outfit changes, the source of outfits, to the requirement of agency models.

At Afi, I like to be less restrictive to give opportunities to a wider range of creatives. Therefore my advice is that before you submit anything, make sure it meets the requirements, from image size and format to team credits.

The photography, styling, makeup and hair are obviously all aspects that I will look at when deciding if an editorial is accepted. It really has to be creative, top notch work. Originality is great, as this will help inspire our readers with fresh content. Secondly, for editorials, the story is key. What are you trying to convey in your fashion or beauty story? What mood? What product? Etc. An editorial with a good story is one that would likely to be picked over one without. Changes in outfits, makeup, and hair etc will help make an editorial more interesting (although for those who do not have the team or budgets to create such a shoot, Afi magazine also accepts single images).

You also want to show editors you have an understanding of the magazine [you are suggesting to]. An email saying “Here are my photos, publish me” is less appealing to one explaining why they think their work is suitable for publication. We sometimes put a preferred theme in an issue and will put out a mood board, submissions consistent with the theme are obviously preferred. Just bearing all of these little things in mind may help you get your work published.

List of Fashion Magazine Submissions
Photographer and Hair Stylist: Dasha Denger @dashadengerphoto  |  Model and MUA: Caitlin Welborn @welbs90 


What advice would you give freelancers who wish to submit editorial work to magazines?

With fashion magazine submissions, you must pay attention to the magazine's previous contents, future mood boards, and themes. Make sure you read the magazine's submission guidelines and that your images meet their criteria. The more creative and original your editorial is, the more attractive it is for publication. Think about what message and mood you are trying to convey in your editorial story, and plan your makeup, hair, styling, lighting and location etc accordingly.

Sometimes your editorials will still get rejected despite how awesome it is, purely because it may not fit with the style of the magazine, so make sure you have done your research, and keep trying. Once you have been accepted for publication, make sure your work remains exclusive until it is officially released by the magazine. It is not unheard of to have editorials pulled from a publication if it was shared prior to its magazine release. My last piece of advice is to keep a good relationship with the magazine and editors. Consistent quality work and a friendly face will help you get ahead of the game.


You have worked with some incredible freelancers @ Afi magazine. Which freelancers have been highlights for you?

Everyone that I have worked with on Afi has been incredible and they are all highlights in their own respect. Working with creative individuals from different parts of the industry has really broadened my way of thinking. From styling, colour matching to photo compositions. I have a tremendous amount of respect for everyone involved in these projects, and I really believe team-work is the key to producing an extraordinary outcome. So get out there and network, form your teams, make friends and create something beautiful. Freelancer Club is a perfect platform for this. 

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