Top co-working spaces in the UK aren't hard to find in such a competitive market. However, it's tough to know which to choose. The number of freelancers in the UK has hit eye-watering figures, yet freelancing as a career path can be a lonely business. For this reason, the UK’s co-working industry has gone from strength to strength with 60% of co-working spaces planning expansion over the next year, according to a recent study by Deskmag. With so much choice, what's a freelancer to do? 

Co-working and freelance-friendly work spaces are targeting niche communities to claim a slice of a saturated market. Some co-working spaces are organically attracting sub-cultures due to their location or early adopters leading the way. They offer a range of perks alongside the standard hot desk rental from a business address to weekly massage. With so much choice out there, we picked out five of our favourite co-working and freelance-friendly work spaces for the solopreneur.  
Ace Hotel

Let's kick things off with a London favourite. Not a co-working space per se but a mecca for creative freelancers. The Ace Hotel has become a hive for freelancers in the Shoreditch area. The lobby space has almost entirely been set up for freelancers and if the big comfy chairs, fast wi-fi and array of plug sockets don't lure you in, their food and drink will.

Ace has become particularly infamous with journalists and writers as well as local Shoreditch side hustlers. Their staff won't give you evils for staying too long and the networking can be amazing. It's even open 24 hours 7 days a week for those who get their inspiration in the wee hours of the morning. They host loads of events - some ticketed, some free - and there is always something going on. 

  • Pros: Gorgeous setting, lots of plugs, decent wifi, event, and 24/7 access
  • Cons: It's not easy to find a seat, it's noisy and you'll generally spend a fair whack on coffee and grub. 

Price: free (food and drink not included)
Huckletree, which has won acclaim as one of the UK’s first sustainable co-working spaces, is a creative and collaborative space that has been built around a network of innovative start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. The organisation boasts the tri-factor of being sustainable, flexible and inspiring while maintaining affordable rates - the commitment period is monthly too, which is perfect for those who factor their workload on a month-by-month basis.
Huckletree is based in Clerkenwell, Soho, Shoreditch and West London and has been designed based on research conducted around environmental psychology. The workspaces incorporate sustainable and recycled materials with potential environmental impacts.
Price: from £175 to £550 a month
Matthew’s Yard
Matthew’s Yard is a multi-purpose venue nestled in the heart of Croydon’s Old Town. The premises on the site of Croydon’s first brewery offers a coffee shop, canteen, lounge, studio and co-working space.
Members of the co-working space will benefit from free access to an exclusive lounge, library and bar, as well as discounts in the coffee shop and canteen. Matthew’s Yard also offers a wide range of events, including music, film nights, networking and language classes.
Price: Prices range from £10 - £90 depending on how often you wish to use the space. Full-time members pay £150 a month for unlimited access.
Central Working Shoreditch
Sitting in the heart of London’s own Silicon Valley, the latest Central Working club describes itself as ‘LinkedIn for the real world’ and has upped the ante for swanky co-working spaces offering a beautiful working environment for a very reasonable cost.
The space is situated in the same building at the Google Campus and hopes to house around 22,000 digital start-up businesses over the next five years, potentially generating £350 million in revenue. Unlimited membership gets you 24/7 access to all their clubs, as well as access to a partner network of professional services, training and networking events. This includes face to face advice from solicitors, investors and other key support services.
Price: From £99 per month for part-time use, up to £349 a month for full-time.
The Distillery
Situated in a canal-side building in bustling Glasgow, The Distillery has been specifically designed for creative freelancers and start-ups and provides a space where you can focus on your work while having access to other creatives and potential collaborators. Becoming a member of The Distillery also gains you exclusive access to The Whisky Bond creative community, which holds regular events throughout the year.
The Distillery offers a variety of spaces to suit freelancers and small organisations, as well as larger companies. Rents include all utilities, WiFi and service charges, along with access to the communal areas, car park, and kitchen facilities. A Boardroom and smaller, less formal spaces are also available to book, for private meetings or presentations.
Price: Day rare is just £10, while fixed desk rate is £150 a month. The monthly cost for hot desking is £100.  

Investing in a co-working space may seem unnecessary, especially if you have a fully functioning home office or corner of the kitchen from which to work. However, you are also gaining access to events and, perhaps more importantly, other creatives who may prove to be invaluable contacts. Furthermore, you are able to claim money spent on your membership back in expenses when you do your self-assessment.