When we first set up Freelancer Club, we wanted to make a difference. Having come from a freelance career, we knew the challenges, ups and downs, uncertainties and joys of the freelance lifestyle. We also understood that a successful freelance career is not built on quick fixes so we set out on a different path.

Most freelance platforms want you to believe that a laptop and a basic knowledge of a skill is all you need to 'make it'. They provide the opportunities, you click apply and sit back while the jobs come rolling in. In reality, a tiny percentage of users on freelance job platforms pick up any work let alone forge a successful career from them. Like most things in life, it takes planning, creative thinking and hard work to achieve the goals that matter. 

Freelancer Club is a members club not an agency or a job site or a union. We are a community. We pride ourselves on knowing a lot of our members and helping them develop their freelance careers from a side hustle into a full-time freelance venture. Whether that's through test shoots, contacts made at events, branding, marketing or sales skills developed from attending a workshop or directly from the job opportunities we provide, we don't deal in quick fixes. 

When Forbes approached us to write an article on the Club and why we're different, it reminded us of the number of freelancers we've supported over the years and how their journey is what sets us apart. Through the highs and lows, we are so proud to be able to say we contributed, even a little bit, to a freelancer's success. 

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