Freelance Advice. It's everywhere. Blogs, sites, books, people. Everyone is offering their 2 cents when it comes to freelance advice. Can you remember the moment you thought ‘I know, I think I’ll become a freelancer’?. I’d imagine a feeling of liberation coursed through your entire body. Then there is the moment that feeling of excitement turns to reality. Now is the time to start planning.

Most freelancers feel their path into freelancing is straight forward based on the discipline they studied or the skills they have but there’s a lot more to it than that. Simply because you took a 3-week course in landscape photography does not necessarily mean you will be landing clients and capturing the golden hills the following week. It means you have a starting point or, in some cases, an endpoint. 

The best piece of freelance advice one can get before they start a career as a freelancer is to recognise that 'you are a business'.

The landscape photographer must wrap their head around their brand, marketing strategy, target audience, and customer services before they can snap away. 

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Freelancers learn how to adapt extremely quickly and having many strings to your bow can often be a plus when starting your own business. Fashion, for instance, is a very popular sector for many aspiring freelancers and one that has a glamorous allure. It is also one for the most competitive, worst paid and fiercely contested sectors in the creative arena. This, however, should not deter a budding freelancer from aiming high and aspiring to succeed in the fashion industry, au contraire. For a challenge is not a challenge if it were easy and setting a goal early is a very productive way to progress.

Occam's razor is a principle that states the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions possible should be selected (basically, keep it simple). Sage advice but I don’t think William of Occum had us freelancers in mind when he penned such fine words. Often the road to achieving your goals takes turns and detours, even breaks for contemplation. Adapting to the times, the economic climate and your surroundings while progressing towards your goal is as good as Occum any day.