Jane Bellis, a freelancing mum, could also go by the name SuperWoman. Not only does Jane run a successful freelance business in hair and makeup, organise a festival for alternative creatives and lead a makeup team at New York Fashion Week but she has brought up 4 gorgeous kids. Jane talks about striking a work-life balance, the anxiety that comes with running a freelance business and her journey from model to mum to master at work.

In our in-depth interview, Jane Bellis talks about the stresses of freelance life, how she tackled anxiety issues, the balancing act between freelance life and being a mum, the pressures that come with a freelancing, the highs and lows of the fashion industry and why working for free has gotten her nowhere.

Freelancing comes with incredible benefits. Being your own boss, choosing your hours, doing something you love to do every day, challenging yourself in business and staying in control of your own destiny. However, getting to the stage where one can enjoy these benefits without guilt or anxiety takes hard work, guidance, and luck. Freelancer, Jane Bellis, had to figure out a number of techniques to help cope with the multitude of challenges that come with being a freelance mum and she talks about them with candour.

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