Christmas is just around the corner and, for freelancers, it tends to be a busy period or deathly quiet. For the former, December can bring with it some financial anxiety as businesses slow wind down and work drys up. To help keep your spirits up and motivation high, here are a few ways you can get productive and continue to progress this December. 


You know all the admin you've been putting off for the last 11 months; get it out and get it sorted. Now's a great time to catch up on the invoices, receipts and annoying stuff you hate to do. Particularly as he who shall not be named, OK fine, 'Self Assessment' is due at the end of January (why do they do it to us!). Freelance Christmas



For most Freelancer Club members, December is a busy time. Between office parties, winter weddings and festive events, business is booming. We post a lot of work on the jobs board this time of year and although it means working through the festive fun (like most seasonal events throughout the year), it is payday for freelancers, so grab them while they're hot (or cold); you get the point. 

Check out new jobs posted everyday on our live jobs board.


If you're worried January will be quiet, why not offer your clients a promotion for the new year. They could purchase your services for themselves or as a gift for a loved one. A few bookings for January will bring money into the business and keep you busy as the world re-emerges in the new year. 



Whether you're working or not, the next few weeks will fly by and before you can say 'bah humbug', it'll be January. Something we love to do here at Freelancer Club HQ is to use the time to reflect on what worked and what didn't over the past year, audit our strategies and set goals for the coming year. Not just targets but business aspirations, development ideas and other cool marketing tidbits that we didn't get time to try. The January sales are a time when people spend so make sure to have your promotion or marketing plan ready to roll out. Promo codes and January sales are not just for the high street, freelancers can get in on the act too! 



Unlike full-time workers, freelancers can't generally afford to go away at set times throughout the year so if December / January is quiet for you, take a break. Why not! You'll be away during a time when nothing's happening and you'll be able to stretch it out through Christmas. Should you be filled with guilt at the idea of taking a holiday before a holiday, bring your laptop and get some admin done before hitting the slopes or basking in the sun. 

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Running a freelance business requires serious multi-tasking and that means personal and business development. Why not take a course in business basics to learn how you can generate more clients, nail your pricing, adjust your brand or message and help achieve your financial goals in the new year. Give yourself the gift of knowledge this Christmas and enrol in the Freelance Business School complete with course materials, assignments, community chat, and one-to-one coaching.