When freelancing on a specific role, communication is key to ensuring you meet project expectations and will further improve your chances of any future work with the employer. Firstly and probably most importantly, always make sure you are responsive to any potential employer inquiries. If you happen to miss an employer’s phone call, be sure to call them back within 15 minutes and do not wait until the next day to return their call.

To succeed as a freelancer it's vital to learn how to adapt to a client's needs. Managing them and your time is key. As a company who support freelancers and hire hundreds of freelancers every year, we can not stress this enough. Poor communication will very quickly lose you the job and impact on your reputation within the industry. Equally, too much time spent on a demanding client can eat into your freelance business and keep you from other clients or from doing the things you love. 

We would strongly suggest setting boundaries with all of your clients early on to ensure that you are both comfortable with the relationship. Answering emails instantly may seem like the professional thing to do but it also sets a precedent that you may not be able to keep up. Equally, employers love freelancers who are flexible with their hours so talk through all of this before starting a new project. 

Show the employer that you are heavily invested in their project and enthusiastic about working with them. You may not be employed full time with their company but during the time you're working on their project, it should feel like you are. Ask questions about their brand, plans for the future and take an interest in the history of the company. 

Finally, be transparent. If there are any issues with the job you’re working on, let the employer know as soon as possible. Having an open line of communication will keep any problems from arising and give your client more confidence in you. It's all about trust and openness. Bad news is better than no news in the world of freelancing. 

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