Freelance meaning what exactly? Defined as 'self-employed - hired to work for different companies or individuals on projects', being a freelancer means a whole lot more. It starts with a moment of inspiration, followed by a plan of action, and takes a lot of hard work. The Freelancer Club was set up precisely to help freelancers in the creative sector, provide the steps, tools, contacts and learning to achieve your freelance dream.

We set up The Freelancer Club based on our own journeys as freelancers working in the creative industry. With no formal business training, the word 'freelance' had a different meaning to me. Freelance stood for control, freedom, flexibility and an opportunity to do something I loved whilst getting paid. However, my freelance meaning got a rude awaking a few months in. 

Officially I was a professional photographer with a couple of clients but in reality, I was still working in bars and picking up temp work on the side. Over many months, I gradually got to grips with the basics but it came at a heavy price. Not only had I lost clients due to a lack of professionalism and had to pay late fees for missing tax deadlines but I was taken to the cleaners by one company to the tune of £11,000. My naivety and lack of a contract resulted in heavy debt, no clients and a low point in my life and career. The meaning of freelance took another turn. 

Thanks to friends, family, and support from an unusual source, I managed to claw my way back to eventually have a success career. I also decided to do everything in my power to help others avoid this type of situation and the first seeds were planted for what would become The Freelancer Club a number of years later.

Freelancing is difficult when you don't know how. Today more than ever, there is an increase in competition and lower rates of pay making it more difficult for freelancers to thrive which makes our mission ever more important. So, how do we fix it and what can we do to help? 

Understanding how to start a freelance career begins with your portfolio and brand. This takes time. Unlike most small traditional businesses, starting as a freelancer has a lengthier setup process before being in a position to charge for your services. Building your portfolio when starting out as a freelancer can be very tricky as you most probably don't have the contacts to produce high-level portfolio shots. In addition, you're still learning how the industry works, figuring out the business side of freelancing and balancing your finances.

We recognised this and decided to create a membership option for those thinking about a freelance career or in the early stages of freelancing. We asked hundreds of members who were in this position and came up with solutions for all the key areas one needs at this stage. We called it Starter Membership and it provides creative talent with the essentials. Make contacts to build your portfolio, understand the basics of business, apply for entry-level jobs, and access to the resources and tools I wish I had when starting out. 

  • Access to other members to build contacts
  • Post and apply to test shoots to build your portfolio
  • Access Freelancer Guides that provide essential information every step of the way
  • Apply to entry-level jobs
  • Receive 50% off Freelance Academy to learn the business side of freelancing
  • Discounts on brands, access to networking events and much more