Looking for freelance videographer rates? Freelance video production rates? If you don’t have the expertise needed to shoot and produce video content for your startup, it’s time to hire a freelance videographer.

Gone are the days when startups could get away with using mediocre images and videos hastily taken on their mobile phones. 

That just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

High quality video footage and clear, to the point messaging are key to ensuring that your startup's video content stands out on cluttered news feeds, company websites, TV screens etc. 

Unless you have the skill set to create this kind of video content, I’d recommend you onboard a freelance videographer. 


So, what kind of rates are we talking about? What do freelance videographers charge? 

Well, the average freelance videographer day rate in the UK falls around £550 per day. Furthermore, as videos need to be edited, startups must also factor in the cost for video production. Freelance video producer rates in the UK also land around £550 per day. 

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Hire a Videographer Rates


Factor in equipment and location

The type of video content you want filmed and edited can affect a freelance videographer day rate as well as freelance video producer rates. 

Videographers create many different types of video content for clients - advertising videos, animated explainers, real estate videos, product demo videos, event videos, music videos, testimonial videos - the list goes on.   

It’s important to note that different types of video content require videographers to use different equipment, which can influence the rate they charge their clients.

For example, if you want drone footage of an area as part of an upcoming ad campaign, the cost of using or hiring a drone may need to be factored into a rate. Similarly, if you want a professional lighting setup or audio to be recorded as part of your video, be sure to flag this with a videographer from the get go as both of these requests require particular equipment which may influence the rate you pay your videographer. 

Location and travel are two other elements that must be factored into the rate for a freelance videographer. Clients often cover the cost of travel to a shoot location whether it be in another county or another country from where the hired videographer lives.

The length of your videos can also influence a freelance video producer rate, however, they are rarely the determining factor. Be transparent about the duration you’d like your videos to be when figuring out an appropriate rate with your freelancer. A 30 second Nike Ad could cost millions to produce so it’s not a case of shorter equaling cheaper. 

I’ve noticed that a lot of job postings tend to use terms like ‘we’ll only need you for 2 hours max’ or ‘it’s just a 60 second video’ followed by a low rate. Provide the videographer with a detailed brief and your budget (or at least a range) then listen when they provide feedback. Your expectations might not match your budget. That 30 second Nike Ad could equally cost £500 but they definitely won’t look the same! 


Factor in experience 

The more experienced a videographer is, the higher their rates may be. 

Before you contact a videographer, I’d recommend you take a look at their online portfolio. If you like what you see and you feel they’d be a good fit to work with your brand, reach out to them. When agreeing a rate, you’ll have a better understanding of why they charge what they do. A videographers portfolio or showreel not only gives you an idea of their style but also their experience and quality. 


Videographer with video camera on shoulder. hire a freelance videographer, what do freelance videographers charge, freelance videographer day rate, freelance video producer rates, freelance videographer rates, freelance video production rates, how much do videographers makeProject by project pricing

Instead of charging freelance videographers by the day, some clients opt to charge them per project instead. It’s a great way to stay within budget. A note of caution, project based pricing requests a detailed brief with clear objectives and terms. Videographers will rightfully limit the number of edits or, at the very least, include a clause that protects them from creative differences. 

Speaking of edits, try to be as constructive as possible when providing feedback on an edit. Using tools like Filestage or are great ways to collaborate and provide the videographer with notes. Feedback such as ‘I don’t know why but I just don't like it’ makes it very difficult for the freelancer to make any changes and a surefire way of getting stuck in an endless editing loop. 

Project based pricing can be great for both sides when done correctly. This is just another option to bear in mind when sussing out rates with freelance videographers. 


How much do videographers make? How much do video producers make?

If you clicked into this article asking yourself "what do freelance videographers charge?" or "what are freelance video production rates like?", I hope you’ve found the information provided helpful. 

What’s the next step? 

Contact a videographer and tell them what you're looking for. Once they understand what they’ll need to bring your vision to life, they’ll be in a position to talk to you about a suitable freelance videographer day rate and if needed, freelance video producer rates too.

Remember that video content needs to be high quality in order to maximise user engagement. Therefore, don’t fall into the trap of taking on the cheapest videographer you can find. This will likely end in tears and frustration as ridiculously cheap rates too often come hand in hand with rushed and shabby work. 

For best results, hire a freelance videographer based on their ability and previous work.

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