Freelancer App knowledge 101. You're never alone when you've got your phone! Apps. They're supposed to save us time, bring us pleasure, feed the cat (okay, not the last one) but with so much choice freelancers must decide what's worth a download. We've done the hard work for you to find the top 5 Freelancer Apps out now.

1. Freelancer Club (obvs)

We had to start with our baby... Why download it? Our members work remotely a lot and don't have time to check the site for jobs throughout the day. They also often don't have their email notifications turned on. For those reasons and more, we send instant notifications to the App the second a new job hits the site so you can apply in seconds without disrupting your flow. We also curate the best freelance images and video so it's like Instagram for freelancers but instead of 'cute pic' comments, engagements actually lead to contacts. 

2. Evernote:

Freelancer App extraordinaire, Evernote is a great freelancer app that you can use to take an unlimited amount of notes, save websites and digitalise documents. You can make notes directly on your phone or use the web-browser to snap up inspiration when it hits you. It is an all round task manager as you can add checklists and due dates so you will never miss a deadline.

3. Get Coconut:

We love the guys at Coconut. They just get it. Coconut is a bank account for freelancers. A freelancer app that actually frees up your time spent managing money. The App comes with a card that you can top up and use for expenses or purchases for your freelance business. The App also projects how much tax you owe, sorts your receipts, takes care of your invoices, and helps you get paid ON TIME. Best of all, the design is simple yet effective and it's perfect for creative freelancers who struggle with money management. 

4. Dropbox:

A bit obvious but it's still a powerhouse of an App for freelancers. Our members eat, sleep and breath images and video. It's a great app for freelancers as it allows you to easily store and transfer files to clients or other creatives. It is a cloud-based sharing system that you can save documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos and music to. You can also link it to multiple devices including your desktop, tablet, and smartphone so you can have access to all of your work wherever you are. It saves you time and effort so you don’t have to email your work back and forth. Pro accounts are cheap - only $9.99 and they've just given Pro users a monster 1TB worth of space. Lovely. 


Do you love making lists? Do you find it tough to structure your workload? Wunderlist is so simple, clean and weirdly addictive that you'll be hooked in no time. Made to help with project management, Wunderlist can be added to your phone, tablet, and computer to keep all your projects up to date. Our favourite feature is the noise it makes when you tick off a task. Ahhhh. 

Freelancer Apps

6. Focus Booster (bonus App)

Last but by no means least is Focus Booster. The app uses the Pomodoro Technique, which splits your work into 25-minute slots, with a 5-minute break between each session. It is great to help you focus on the task at hand, and if you are the type who procrastinates or gets easily distracted (so basically everyone with a creative mind) then this little app is perfect to keep you on track. After your time slot is up you can create a client or project report so you know exactly how long you have spent on that work and can invoice accordingly. Combine it with a few cups of coffee per day and you won't know what to do with all that free time. 

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