The Freelancer Club is delighted to announce a new partnership with Ninety One Living Room, a vibrant creative space located in the heart of Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

Ninety One represents our first Club House location in Shoreditch, London. As a Freelancer Club member, you’ll be able to enjoy super-fast Wi-Fi, plenty of comfortable spots to work from both in and outdoors and major discounts on food, drink and even their spacious private meeting rooms for hire.



Legendary painter Vincent Van Gogh is widely credited as one of the founding fathers of impressionism. While much of his skill came from innate talent, it’s no secret that he sought the company of other creatives, often swapping paintings with other artists and even trying to create a live-in commune for painters in his house! 

While I could sit here and talk about Van Gogh all day, it’s clear that both his mind and his work thrived when he was around other creatives.

In fact, the Journal of Consumer Research has even shown that being a little distracted by the ambient noise in coffee shops can actually help to boost your creativity. Though adding some background noise to your home office can help, it pales in comparison to the inspiration you can get from working in public spaces designed for this function.


Located inside the iconic Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in Shoreditch, Ninety One Living Room is one of East London’s best-kept secrets. Built with remote working in mind, it boasts a spacious interior with ample seating, reliable wi-fi and plenty of plug sockets. Once you add the strong artisan coffee and mouth-watering menu, it’s easy to see why this venue has become a favourite of remote workers locally. 

Once your working day is done you can enjoy a drink or two from their bespoke cocktail list, just don’t forget to line your stomach with one of their gourmet burgers first.
The menu features traditional pub grub blended with middle eastern flavours so expect finger foods with a kick.

When the working day is done, the Living Room transforms from a thriving freelancer workplace into an internationally renowned jazz club with live performances from local musicians each night of the week. If jazz isn’t your thing, there’s a wide variety of events on the schedule each month from workshops, art classes and music festivals to comedy shows, club nights and open mics. 

You’ll be able to network with like-minded creatives and potential clients, learn new skills and be inspired by great performances while you complete your to-do list. I’m not sure the same could be said about my living room!


As a Freelancer Club member, taking advantage of these exclusive benefits couldn’t be easier . All you need to do is show your membership status to a member of staff at the door when you arrive or at the bar. Your membership status can be found in the about section of your profile (if you’re on mobile, click the [i] tab on your profile).

Starter and Pro Members will benefit from their first free tea and coffee being completely free as well as complimentary use of a stunning private meeting room to host important meetings (normally £50 per hour). All members enjoy a 20% discount on food, drinks and when hiring the private meeting room

If you would like to extend the perks to your friends or invite potential clients down to your Club House, members can get further group discounts of up to 50% on certain events.

Should you find yourself truly inspired by the atmosphere of Ninety One Living Room, you can even hire the venue as a shoot location! Just be warned, they usually prefer to shoot in the mornings or on Sundays to minimise any disruption. If you’d like to use the space, send an email to Aodhagan at the Truman Brewery to discuss your concept.


While Van Gogh was unable to achieve his dream of living in a collaborative creative space during his lifetime, the skills he learned from his peers during his early career helped him to develop the unique style that endures to this day.

Sharing your space with like-minded and supportive creatives will allow you to experience a wide variety of perspectives that will help to inform your work in new ways and get your name known in an industry that is often difficult to break into.

We hope that providing you access to great spaces like Ninety One Living Room can help you take your freelancing to the next level.

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Preview Image: Ninety One Living Room
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