Great news freelancers!


A lot of changes are coming your way and they will be making your freelancing lives much easier and much cheaper.We have been thinking long and hard on how to make life easier for you our Members, and thought “what would really help our members the most?”. That’s when that little light bulb above our heads went ‘ding’ and thought it has to be…..Discounts!


These past few weeks we’ve been busy selecting and teaming up with brands, studios and equipment suppliers that freelancers use on a day-to-day basis to set up a benefits and discount scheme for our Pro Members.


Visit the site and check out our Business Directory (under RESOURCES) to see the full list of discounts and what our affiliate brands are offering to our Members. Membership Discounts will continuously be updated with new brands and various sectors for our Pro Members to use.


Have a suggestion? Tell us what hurts your piggy bank the most, whether it’s make-up brushes or insurance for your business, and we will do our best to provide a solution.


Want a piece of the discount pie? Sign Up as a Pro Member here!