I don’t know other freelancers.

I don’t know how to set up a test shoot.

I’ve never been able to find test shoots near me.

I don’t know how to join others' test shoots. 

Most freelancers have had at least one of these thoughts cross their minds at one stage or another.

While dozens of job platforms exist to help freelancers find work, very few provide resources and tools that empower them to connect and create work with fellow creatives.

In fact, instead of empowering freelancers to grow their portfolios and develop their creative networks, many sites unfortunately pit freelancers against each other using business models that encourage them to undercut their fellow creatives for poorly paid jobs.   

At Freelancer Club, we’re all about fostering a positive, supportive and collaborative environment where freelancers can thrive and as a result, we’re constantly developing new features to help them do just that.

With that said, we’d like to introduce our newest feature “The Collaboration Tool.”  

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Less Stress, More Fun

Recently dubbed “a freelancer's best friend” by one of our members, The Collaboration Tool takes the effort and awkwardness out of organising test shoots whilst providing a platform to showcase the work produced by the team. 

Let’s be honest, connecting with fellow freelancers isn’t always the easiest thing to do. If you’re just starting out, you probably have very few contacts. If you’re new to a city,  there’s rarely an obvious way to meet freelancers in your area. Of course you can fire off 100s of DMs to creatives on Insta that you’d like to work with, but how often do they reply, let alone see your message. They also have to want to shoot and be available! 

The Collaboration Tool removes all of this friction and enables creatives to easily post, join and manage their collaboration applications in one place. What's more, members who avail of our soon to be launched “Portfolio Service” will also gain access to our expert team who will ensure that their test shoot has the best chance of success. 

We’ve always prided ourselves on the fantastic community we’ve built here at Freelancer Club and we’re constantly exploring new ways to invest in our members. The Collaboration Tool empowers freelancers to take control of their own career development as it enables them to meet other creatives, create new work for their portfolios, grow their networks and learn new skills. It also facilitates portfolio growth without having to say yes to unpaid work. 


After a year of successive lockdowns many freelancers are eager to get stuck into a number of test shoots in an effort to freshen up their portfolios to help them land new jobs.

Whether you're looking for models for test shoots, a photographer for a test shoot or any other freelancer for that matter, the Collaboration Tool takes the stress out of organising a test shoot and instead makes them fun, experimental and creative experiences that are easy to set up and run.

Up for some fun? Don’t waste your time Googling ‘Test Shoots Near Me’. Set up your own here or join someone else’s here.


Looking for models for test shoots? Want to find a photographer for a test shoot? There’s lots of freelancers on our platform who could bring something different to your test shoot. Watch HOW TO PLAN AND ORGANISE A TEST SHOOT.