One of the most valuable features of the Freelancer Club is the ability to connect with other members and produce new work for your portfolio. It's an amazing way to improve your skills, meet other creatives in your local area and add work to your portfolio. We've developed a feature that enables members to do this without any of the awkwardness or time it normally takes to find a team. Watch our 'how to' video and arrange your first Collab today.

There are so many benefits to collaborating (also known as test shooting or TFP in the industry) with others. It's the best way to produce new work for your portfolio. It's also the perfect opportunity to practice your skills and try new techniques. You'll also meet some amazing people who will form relationships with, get inspired by and support as you all grow. Moreover, collaborating has been proven to help mental health and well-being. 

Many Freelancer Club members join exclusively to use our Collaboration tool and meet others in the industry. Whether you're new to freelancing, perhaps new to a city and don't know other creatives or you would like to meet other collaborators, our Collaboration tool takes all the hassle out of connecting.  

test shoot collaboration

You can include details of your collaboration, a moodboard, who you would like to meet, the date of the shoot and where it will take place (if you know). Our system will send notifications to all members who have indicated that they want to meet others to collaborate and prompt them to apply for your project. As the oganiser, you will be able to choose your team from the list of applicants and message them directly to arrange the shoot or collaboration. 



Post a Collaboration today.