Being a freelancer is not always a breeze. Yes, you can work from bed in your pyjamas, but those long hours can get lonely, and where do you turn to when you want to receive adequate support, training and guidance that in-house creatives regularly benefit from?

The Freelancer Club provides a range of events that you can reap up as a freelance creative, helping you to network, train, increase your skill set and ultimately make more money. Our events are across an exciting realm of industries - digital marketing, fashion, arts and crafts, and finance classes. These events help those who are self-employed to make being business savvy a priority and to really start to think of their selves and their work as a business. Which can be hard to do whilst working alone, surrounded by the same four walls, but can seem like a whole new world of possibility when accompanied with like-minded creatives and expert advice.

training as a freelancer

Online Seller UK is a training organisation that specialises in digital marketing and training for e-commerce. They aim to increase online exposure for brands and businesses and do this by offering 14 separate events that consist of training, workshops, and masterclasses, three of them are available through The Freelancer Club and pro and starter members get 30% off all three events! Currently, Online Seller UK have Amazon Marketing Services & SEO Online Training, which focuses on Amazon SEO, helping online sellers to utilise keywords to ensure their products are found when searched for, and Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) which provides an option for sellers to buy a much sought after position at the top and bottom of Amazon’s search or the right-hand side margin.

Online Seller UK also hosts the event Google Adwords PPC Training, where participants can learn about the ins and outs of Google Adwords in a way that’s understandable to everyone. It’s ideal for any freelancer looking to increase the visibility of their website and improve on how they target potential customers.

Freelancer Workshops

Lastly, Online Seller UK offers Google Analytics Training. This workshop focuses on how Google Analytics helps sellers to analyse visitor traffic and therefore, get to know their customers. It helps sellers to understand their customers and see which parts of their websites are the highest performing and most clicked on.

Make sure to explore the full range of events on offer, from pop-ups, meditation, and support classes to networking, coworking sessions, and business seminars, they all contribute to building a successful freelance career.