Job interviews on Zoom can feel weird, awkward and disjointed. We’re all used to sussing the client’s vibes in person and adjusting our behaviour accordingly. That said, Zoom interviews are the future of freelance employment (whether we like it or not!). This means that adaptation is key. With these simple 10 tips, you should be on your way to nailing your next freelance job interview on Zoom!


 1. Choose your spot wisely 

Make sure you’re positioned somewhere with a solid Wi-Fi connection. Banish any children or animals from the area to avoid noise and unwanted interruptions! 


2. Clear out the clutter

Try to create a pleasing, minimal space with a neutral background. Work with what you have - the interviewer doesn’t need to see your laundry basket, but a plant looks great. 


3. Good (preferably natural) lighting

Very self-explanatory. Nobody ever got hired from a dingy dungeon. 


4. Check your audio

Crackly audio is a sure fire way to waste time and cause confusion. Consider investing in a microphone - or at least check the quality of your device’s audio.


5. Dress as though its an in-person interview 

I’d love to tell you to chill in a onesie. But first impressions still apply in Zoom interviews, so keep it professional. 

Girl looking at mobile

6. Please...please, don’t eat!

This may seem obvious, but you never know. You wouldn’t tuck into a bowl of cereal in a face-to-face interview. So no sneaky snacking. 


7. Power posture

You might be positioned on a sofa or even a bed, but you can still practise good posture. This means engaging your core and sitting upright with your shoulders back to exude confidence. 


8. Don’t be late

Throwing punctual etiquette out the window comes across like you don’t care. You can’t presume you’re the only freelancer being interviewed for the role, so don’t be a diva. 


9. Prepare notes and questions 

An awesome upside to online interviews: You can peek at your notes. Still, refer to them as little as possible to avoid seeming distracted. Asking questions shows that you’re passionate about the client’s project, as does jotting down any important information as you go.


10. Finally…Show you’re engaged! 

This is a really crucial one. In the absence of immediate contact, you need to consciously make sure to nod and smile to convey that you’re actively listening. Hand gestures demonstrate enthusiasm. Try to look at the camera - not the interviewer. It feels counter-intuitive, but eye-contact (even virtual) is powerful.