Like any new platform you join, it can take a bit of getting used to. Freelancer Club is no different and with our suite of tools, there are loads of features to master if you wish to get the most of out of your membership. We've compiled a series of videos to help you master the tools and features so you can grow your freelance business in no time!

Setting Up Your Profile

Completing your profile is the first port of call when you join the Freelancer Club. It's what members and clients will review and be attracted to. It's also the best way to gain exposure, generate job enquiries and showcase your skills. Empty profiles are 84% less likely to be clicked on and that includes clients who are reviewing job applications. 


Tailor your Notification Settings

Exciting? No. Important? Yes. Nobody wants to be bombarded with email they don't find valuable but when receiving a notification is the difference between landing the job and not, it's worth 2 minutes of your time to set it up right.


Uploading Projects to your Portfolio tab (for SEO and exposure)

Uploading projects is fairly straightforward, however, many members skip out the nuanced steps that can make all the difference. We would recommend that you categories your work into Projects or use Projects to showcase, well, projects that you've completed! Let's look at a few examples. A photographer offers services in the Wedding and Fashion industries. They can set up their Portfolio in a couple of ways.

If they have a lot of images to showcase, creating individual projects for each job is the way to go. Each wedding and fashion client could be a separate project. Each could contain a bunch of images, video and text. The key is to ensure that your Project tag is labelled correctly eg: all the wedding projects could be labelled 'Wedding Photography'

Once you have uploaded a few Projects, you can drag and drop them to move them around on the page to suit your brand. 

How to Properly Apply for Jobs

There's a right way and a wrong way to apply for jobs on the Freelancer Club. In addition to your free-form proposal, your quote and the types of images you choose to show in your preview will also determine the outcome. Here are some quick pointer: 

  • Don't copy and paste the same proposal message. Use a template if you must but tailor it to each job proposal. 
  • Quote within budget. If the budget is too low, quote and outline what you will provide the client for that fee and what it will cost for the rest. 
  • Tag your images properly so that you can choose appropriate preview shots when applying. 

How to Organise a Test Shoot Collaboration

What is a Test Shoot? Click here for a full explanation. Why should you set one up? Firstly, to add new images to your portfolio. Secondly, to practice new techniques and improve you skills. Thirdly, to make industry contacts who can recommend you for paid work, chat about freelancing and join your network and lastly, it's an amazing creative outlet that's proven to be good for your mental wellbeing.

How to Use the Discussions Board 2.0

Communities thrive when there is a culture of selflessness and a commitment to give without an expectation of anything in return. Discussions Board 2.0 provides our members with the perfect platform to give and gain advice, swap skills, sell items, for contacts, build a network, and feel a part of a community. Click the Search button to find posts and communities that you'd like to join or create a post to ask a new question.