Sourcing jobs in photography is generally an ongoing pursuit for a working freelance photographer. Even established photographers set aside time each month to look for more paid photography jobs to add to their roster. Knowing where to look and how to secure jobs in photography is the tricky part so we'd like to share our guide to paid photography jobs to point you in the right direction.


Editorial fashion is considered the toughest of all the sectors to find paid photography jobs. A typical journey is to test shoot to build up a portfolio then approach modelling agencies to shoot more established talent. Many submit work to publications and build up a reputation as a fashion photographer then approach creative agencies who will find editorial fashion photography jobs with bigger brands and clients. We're starting to see more photographers also benefit from their social influence. Brands are seeking out photographers who also come with a ready-made audience to promote the work to. 

PRO: The work is highly creative and collaborating with other freelancers at that level is greatly rewarding. Your name will be in print, you can travel the world and if you can build up a strong client list, you can earn a great deal. 

CON: There's a lot of competition in the sector and more photographers are submitting work for free which takes out a big chunk of potential paid work. Photographers are expected to work for next to nothing when starting out and only a small percentage are able to hit the level required to earn a living full time. 


Commercial jobs in photography

Photography jobs in the commercial sector are far more plentiful than editorial work. From advertising campaigns to online boutiques, things need to be shot and sold. Commercial photography jobs cover a wide range of sectors and photographers often find themselves a niche in one of them. In commercial fashion, the editorial and commercial worlds frequently collide with smaller commercial brands looking for stylised images to help sell their wears. E-commerce sites often ask photographers to shoot a mix of styled work (a hybrid of editorial and commercial) and straight commercial / pack shot images of their collections or stock.

Be sure to have a portfolio that matches the niche you're looking to work in then start marketing. Approaching brands who would require a photographer directly via social media (soft approach) or email is not going to produce high level results but if you can streamline the process, it can be justified.  

PRO: It's a growing market particularly online. Photographers often get asked to retouch the work too which can lead to an additional income stream. Photography jobs in the commercial sector tend to lead to regular work.    

CON: The work can sometimes be mundane and not hugely creative.


The bridal industry is a robust sector that continues to provide photographers with paid opportunities. The days are long and there's generally a fair bit of prep that has to be done before the day but the pay is good and, for those targeting the luxury market, there are often opportunities to travel. Within the bridal sector, one can find photographer jobs outside of a wedding day too such as engagement parties or pre-wedding boudoir shoots. It's a big word of mouth sector so ensure that you're maximising each job. Tap into bridal groups on Facebook as well as Twitter hours such as #weddinghour. We also post hundreds of wedding jobs on our jobs board too. 

Wedding jobs in photography

PRO: The bridal industry pays well and there's often lots of up-sell that one can offer. Shooting weddings also provide the skill set required to shoot events and work with people. 

CON: It can be a stressful job particularly if when the bride and groom are unrealistic about their expectations. 

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