Makeup Artist jobs in London are everywhere. From weddings, proms and Halloween to fashion, media and SFX, there are plenty of makeup jobs in London if you know where to look. However, if you are struggling to find makeup jobs, you’re not the only one!


London is awash with Makeup schools and colleges all offering makeup courses to help kick start your makeup career. YouTube videos and online tutorials are also helping aspiring makeup artists become more professional. The courses are generally pretty good and once complete you’ll feel more prepared to answer those 'Makeup Artist Needed' adverts that pop up from time to time. 

Makeup Jobs London

However, if you really want to compete for Makeup jobs, there are a few steps you can take to land the makeup jobs in London that come your way.

  1. Tell your friends and family that you’re a makeup artist. They may seem obvious but I bet all your contacts don’t know that you're a makeup artist and when they do, they’ll think of you when they need a makeup artist or when a friend needs a touch up. Although fewer millennials are using Facebook, it's still used by a lot of your friends and family. A good tip is to set up a separate Facebook page for your Makeup Artist services and invite them to like the page. Trust us when we say charity starts at home - your friends and family want you to succeed and they tend to be your first clients. Be grateful but careful with mate's rates!  
  2. Don’t let London intimidate you. Yes, London is massive and yes London attracts new makeup artists who join the industry every day but equally the makeup industry is growing fast. More and more Londoners are looking for a professional makeup artist for their wedding, night out or special occasion. The fashion, film, TV, theatre industries are booming and more businesses are using makeup artists on campaigns. London is a great place to be as a Makeup Artist so long as you know how to find and retain the work. 
  3. Find a niche (even if you do everything else!). Many new makeup artists want to be all things to all people as there is a fear that if they focus on one area, they won’t find work. Our studies* have shown otherwise. We’ve found that it’s best to get a reputation in a commercial area and slowly expand your business. Some great successes include makeup artists who have focused on Woman of Colour or Women over 40. Offering a variety of makeup services also has it's advantages so long as you can show that you're capable of producing and the best way to do this is via a full portfolio. Categorise your portfolio work (either on your website or in print) so that you can show potential clients your ability in each sector. 
  4. Act Fast! When a makeup artist opportunity appears in London, be ready. Make sure your profile is complete and your makeup portfolio is up to date. Have a way for the employer to contact you quickly and reply to any questions they may have asap. Makeup artists are needed everyday (especially in London) so think like a scout and always be prepared! Include: Makeup artist London on your site, to let clients know your location.  

*Freelancer Club consults with and tracks the progress of over 3000 makeup artists every year. 

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