When you think about the process of learning, this usually includes a classroom and a teacher stood at the front with a whiteboard. However with the power to shop, read and communicate digitally, there’s no surprise that online learning has become an option many people are turning to.

According to Training Zone, the types of learning technologies available have doubled in the last five years and it is estimated that in 2019, 50 percent of all classes will be delivered online. So there’s definitely a market for people that don’t feel inspired and excited at the thought of attending a traditional brick-and-mortar building.

Aside from a legitimate method to gaining an education here are the other benefits to learning online.


The beauty about learning online is that you can fit it around other commitments that would otherwise hinder you from learning in class. Whether it’s parental responsibilities or full time work, being able to access material at any time makes online learning the ideal option that you can fit around your own schedule.


There are times when even I couldn’t function studying in my room as a child. Sometimes we associate our homes with relaxation and it can be difficult to get into the habit of absorbing information. Learning online means you can pull up your course content wherever you are as long as you’re able to log in with a decent internet connection. Whether you work best in a quiet library or like the background noise in a coffee shop, most of these places offer wifi which allows you to make yourself comfortable and settle in to some serious revision.    


One huge misconception about studying online is that you miss out on the social aspect that colleges and universities offer. Yes, you won’t be able to gather in the canteen and talk about the night out you had, but as online learners may have other priorities that dominate their life, this element of social interaction may not be entirely important to them. However there is the opportunity to connect with your peers who may even be from another country altogether. Online learning gives people from around the world the chance to tap into specific courses they want which may not be available at their local college or university.


When you think about additional expenses that are incurred when going to college and university, the whole experience in itself is quite an expensive one. Online learning eliminates those costs as you don’t need to physically be on a campus to have a seminar delivered. There’s no need to relocate and pay rent either. If you have family commitments then you also eliminate the cost of babysitters that may be needed if you need to attend evening classes. You also save on paying for textbooks as supporting material is provided online too.

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