Mikko Largerstedt, a fine art photographer, captures hauntingly beautiful night-time landscapes in low light conditions. Patient, technically astute and deeply rooted in Nordic nature, Mikko has an eye for the spectacular. He first pointed his lens at the stars almost 10 years ago having taught himself the craft. We caught up with the Finnish night crawler to hear his freelance story.

What made you pick up a camera?

My first inspiration to start photography came to me when I was driving to my relatives cabin and after a rainy summer day. The sun was about to set, and the fog was rising from the field. The combination of sunshine and fog looked so magical that I then told to myself that I want to start capturing these magical moments.

Photograph: Mikko Largerstedt


What's so great about being a freelancer? 

Doing what you love and making a living out of it.


And what keeps you up at night?

What keeps me awake at night is photography! I spend the darkest nights outside photographing stars and the Milky Way.

The thing that worries me is whether I am being true to myself and my style of photography. It's the question that is hardest to answer in this modern era of photography. You get so much inspiration spam via social media and other platforms that it's sometimes hard to be true to yourself.

Photograph: Mikko Largerstedt

Tell us about your style.

I first started to notice my style after I had photographed for a year. I kept seeing a style in my photos that intrigued me, and I just tried to create work that felt the same way. I shoot for myself. I seek inspiration from nature, movies, and music. Usually, I don't have regular clients. However, I have done some work for the same companies.

Why do you use Social Media?

Social media is one of the main places people find my work. The main benefit is to get noticed by companies and art buyers. 

Photograph: Mikko Largerstedt


How carefully to you plan your posts?  

I don't plan my account much. I try to select photographs I find interesting or unique and post them. 


You've nearly 200k Instagram followers. Any tips? 

Find your style and keep your work true to yourself. Post photographs that inspire you and try to find a way to connect with your audience. 

Photograph: Mikko Largerstedt


What's your opinion on the photographer industry at the moment?

There are more photographers now than ever before. It has become a popular hobby; almost everyone has a camera. When I first started about eight years ago, the way you would show your work on the internet would be via photography forums. Now you can share your work in so many places and create an audience. 

What's in the pipeline for you? 

I have a few projects that will continue into the Autumn. Also, I will be traveling more this summer. My next location will be Portugal. I'm heading there to capture the Milky Way and seascapes which I love to shoot.

Photograph: Mikko Largerstedt

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