Mind mapping has gained increasing popularity recently, and with good reason. Its graphic nature makes it a perfect tool for us creatives, allowing us to visualise our thoughts, ideas, projects, and to-dos, way beyond note taking. And what’s more, you can collaborate and share these visuals with others.



What is mind mapping?

Acting like a digital whiteboard, mind maps allow creative thinkers to visualise ideas, whether arranging a photo shoot or planning a social media strategy. You can add links, pictures, and even video, seriously bringing your ideas to life. Having played with a few tools, we’ve found MindMeister to be one of the best when it comes to ease of use.



This clever app allows real-time collaboration between users and lets you share your creations directly on social media. The fact that it’s web-based means that you can access and edit your maps in your browser, without having to download or update anything. Using the free mobile App, you can also work on your creations using a smartphone or tablet. Mind mapping has been linked with an actual increase in creativity by 40%, and an increase in working speed by 44%. Other benefits include enhanced memory through visual learning, and even helping people overcome creative blocks. Sign up for MindMeister for free and get started with online mind mapping.