Modelling jobs are finding their way into the strangest of places. Big brand names are bypassing model agencies and using online platforms or social media to scout for new talent. Agencies themselves have been tapping into social media for a while now to scout for talent and last year IMG models ran a global search to find the next big thing via Instagram. So if you're a freelance model looking for paid modelling jobs or want to get signed to a modelling agency, knowing what to do and which platform to use can make all the difference. 

In the past the top modelling jobs for catwalk shows, editorial fashion shoots and large commercial adverts generally went through modelling agencies. It was rare that these top modelling jobs were ever put into the open market but things are changing. And it's not just commercial modelling jobs either, big campaigns are starting to become more accessible to independent models who don't have an agent but do have an Insta account. Welcome to the new breed of social media model. 

Modelling jobs are appearing on social media platforms more regularly then ever. Facebook was the go to place for modelling jobs a couple of years ago before they implemented their restrictive algorithms making it a lot tougher to find anything of worth. You can still find some paid modelling jobs in specific groups but it's more a platform to connect with fellow creatives for test shoots. Run a search for modelling jobs + the name of your city and filter by group to see whether there's anything set up where you live. The one plus of Facebook is that you can be more aggressive with your marketing efforts by putting your portfolio and services out their. 

Twitter is active for modelling jobs is you're quick. Most of the Twitter posts are for last minute jobs or looking for someone to dash to a shoot to replace a model who dropped out. You can speed up your search for modelling jobs by checking their advanced search feature and entering your location with keywords such as 'model needed' or 'models wanted'. Make sure to use 'Any of these words' field. 

The big mover for modelling jobs, however, is now on Instagram. The platform for cats and baby pics is now one of the most used sites for scouting talent. It's more passive than Facebook but huge brand names like Marc Jacobs are tapping into it so worth the effort. With all your social platforms, it's not just what you're posting but also the strength of your profile that could get you the modelling job. Followers play a big part for a brand looking to gain exposure. 

Social media model Kendall Jenner posts a range of polished portfolio shots, back stage pics, even photos of her as a baby. Her account is a behind the curtain look at her life and with 50 million followers, there's a lot of people interested in it. Gig Hadid tends to stick with posts of her modelling work and keeps the private stuff private although you'll find the odd video of kids on the microphone to keep you entertained. For new models starting out it's important to understand the power of social and be very aware that what you post will be seen by potential agencies or clients. Once you've got your head around it, Instagram and all social platforms can be a models best friend to land your next big modelling job.

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