Need a Photographer for a Wedding, Private Party, Corporate Event or Family Portrait? There is a lot of choice out there - particularly in London and if you're not in the know, it's tough to gauge how much to budget and who to hire. Freelancer Club helps you deal with all of this. Follow the 3 simple steps and find the photographer you need for the price you want. We've also put a rough price guide together below so if you need a photographer in London, you'll know you're getting value for money.


Need a photographer in London


Need a Wedding Photographer in London? 

Price: Low-end: £600 per day / High-end: £2000 per day for a professional wedding photographer 

Insights: Often wedding photographers offer packages that can include services such as retouching, prints and wedding photo albums. Wedding photographers are starting to offer new products and services to couples as technology enables us to do more. Bespoke wedding websites, Virtual Reality video, and drone shots are being offer by wedding 'photographers' who are expanding their skill set and services. Always ask the photographer what they offer before negotiating and put together a package that suits your needs. 

Wedding photographers also differ greatly in style. Just like snowflakes, no two photographers are the same. Browse wedding photographers portfolios and shortlist the ones you like. Visual references are always really useful when hiring a wedding photographer and even better when you can reference a few of their shots. When you tell a wedding photographer that you hired them based on a few specific photos, that will not only give them an idea as to the style you'd like but also fill them with confidence. 


Need a Portrait/Family Photographer in London? 

Price: Low-end: £250 per day / High-end: £1800 per day for a portrait photographer 

Insights: Portrait or Family photographers come in a few shapes and sizes. There are portrait photographers who specialise in one to one single person portraits. They often have a studio you can visit and they tend to charge by the hour or by the package. We would recommend a minimum of 2 hours so that you have time to loosen up and get to know the photographer to avoid producing stiff images. Make clear what type of portrait you would like and what you plan on using it for. Is it an image to hang on your wall or give as a gift? Perhaps you'd like a professional portrait shot for your online profiles? 

Family portrait photographers require a different set of skills compared with single seater portrait photographers. They are often very skilled in direction and engaging kids who don't like to sit still. A family photographer will visit your home or invite you to their studio. A home visit will cost a bit more but it means you don't have to drag the kids to another location and you can capture shots in a comfortable environment. 

Portrait photography has come a long way and new styles are emerging all the time. There is an emphasis on creativity and the range of styles you can choose from has never been better. Browse freelance portrait photographers in London or get inspired and hire a portrait photographer by typing in a keyword of the type of style you would like eg: 'vintage' or 'black and white portrait'.


Need a Corporate Photographer in London? 

Price: Low-end: £300 per day / High-end: £1200 per day for a corporate photographer. 

Insights: Firstly, what the hell is a 'corporate photographer'? Well, a corporate photographer generally shoots corporate events but the title has since expanded to mean any photographer who shoots corporate imagery. This can include profile / portrait shots of teams in businesses to capturing a presentation at a conference. The rates, as you can imagine, depend entirely on the job and your brief will help both parties settle on a fair price. 

Hiring a corporate photographer in London comes at a slightly higher price point than the rest of the UK. However, there is a much wider talent pool to choose from. 


Need a Private Party Photographer in London? 

Price: Low-end: £250 half day / High-end: £1200 half day for a party/events photographer

Insights: You're throwing a party. It's a big deal and you'd like to capture the moment. Smart. Camera phones may have come on leaps and bounds in terms of image quality but relying on your guests to capture the key moments of an engagement party, sweet 16, wedding anniversary, proposal, or birthday bash is a risk not worth taking. Besides, it's always great to have professional images that you'll savour more than uploading a handful of random shots to your Facebook account. 

Prices are generally pretty competitive in the events market. However, be aware that hiring a photographer for an hour to capture an event or a party isn't a lot of time. They generally need time to get to know the room, figure out the lighting (tell the photographer what the lighting situation is beforehand) and snap the guests. A minimum booking would generally be around 2 hours. They will also have to travel to your venue and retouch the images so bear that in mind when setting your budget. 


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