Over 1000 freelancers participated in our #NOFREEWORK survey and the results are in. To say the outcome is shocking is an understatement. We always knew there was a problem with freelancers working for free but we never realised the extent of the issue.

On average, a freelancer works for free 15.5 days every year - that's over 3 weeks, working Monday to Friday without pay. The average cost to a freelancer? Over £5,000 per year. Perhaps the most surprising figure to come from the #NOFREEWORK survey is the average number of years experience a freelancer has when working for free. To think that there are freelancers offering their professional services for free after an average of 7 years in the industry is a real eye-opener. This statistic shows how the issue of unpaid work is not just affecting those freelancers who are starting out.  

To have your say, sign our petition and say why you are saying NO to unpaid work.