There are two key factors one must take into account when choosing the freelance life. The first is the whether you have the required skills to perform your services at a high enough standard to justify charging for your time whilst possessing the ability to successful run a business. Common traits found in such successful freelancers include adaptability, creativity and a thick skin. 

The second question to ask is whether you have the mental strength to overcome the variety of challenges you will inevitably encounter during your freelance journey. Typically the first major hurdle that presents itself to new freelancers is overcoming the financially instability. 

Financial pressure is the number one reason why freelancers throw in the towel. Most of the time it is magnified by feelings of dejection due to constant rejection of jobs. You'll hear plenty of encouragement from friends and family but every 'no' takes its toll.

The harsh reality is that not everyone is cut out for freelancing whether mentally tough or not. We would always suggest that you speak with an expert who has been through this process and go can offer advice on your business. Receiving this advice early in your career before the damage is irreversible is vital to the success of a freelancer.

Use our checklist on how to become a successful freelancer as a guide or book a session with an expert in your field to receive one on one advice from someone who has been there and succeeded. 

Should you manage the navigate through these waters and land a few regular clients you can face the next challenge with confidence. There are so many unexpected twists and turns as a freelancer that will always keep you on your toes. Something that our members talk to us about after they've settled their business is retaining the motivation during quiet periods.  

Working for yourself is extremely liberating but it also means that you're relying on yourself for motivation. Should the opportunity arise, a business partner can be a great move. Whether you choose to find someone to help run one company in a formal capacity or you team up with another freelancer to offer multiple services, a partner is a great source of support. Bounce ideas around, keep each other motivated and have another person's perspective on the business. 

There will be plenty of new challenges during your freelance career. Looking back they are often some of the most cherished memories as you overcome adversity and progress. Attack the day and enjoy the ride.