First, the easy way. Click POST A JOB on The Freelancer Club site and source talent in your area. DONE. However, if you'd like to get the project moving with a little more focus, here's our top 5 tips on arranging the perfect test shoot.

Test shoots, Time For Prints, TFP or collaborations. Whatever you prefer to call them, shooting as a team for your portfolio is vital. Why? Because your portfolio is the heartbeat of your brand and you want it to look good. Really good. Consider these less obvious tips before you arrange your next test shoot. 

When you post your test shoot make sure to include what you'd like to get from the images. Some freelancers test shoot for their portfolio, others are looking to submit to magazine publications and there are freelancers who just like to test shoot for fun. It's important that everyone knows what the other wants so be sure to ask.

Generally, the person who posts the test shoot is the person who is leading the concept (or vision). Perhaps you've found a cool location that you'd like to shoot in or have a stylist already on board with a new collection that would make a great editorial. Alternatively, you'd like the input of the others in the team. If you do have a vision, describe it to the team and email on a moodboard, if not, mention that you're open to suggestions. 

This tip is your security blanket. Draft a Testing Agreement - you can download a test agreement template from our Download Centre. It's unlikely you're going to go to court unless the images end up getting sold for lots of money but the agreement is much more than just a legal document. It's a guide for everyone involved to know when the images will be sent to them, whether they'll be retouched, who owns the rights to the images and what you plan on doing with them. 

No need for much more of an explanation. A group of people are relying on you. If you can't make it, get someone else to replace you and let the team know. You only get one reputation in this small industry so try not to damage it. It's also very important to pass around everybody's mobile number. Really organised shoots will have a call sheet but so long as everyone knows the location, time and phone number of the others, you're generally good. 

The definition of a test shoot is a collaboration whereby no money changes hands. However, if you are starting out it can be hard to attract the top talent or source cool locations. There's nothing wrong with adding a budget to the shoot in an effort to produce better images BUT, and this is a big but, make sure that you amend the Testing Agreement so that it's clear who owns what. It's common for a team to chip in and pay for a location or you may be finding it hard to attract a top model who is testing which is when a budget will not only get you quality but increase the chance that they'll show. 

The Freelancer Club is giving all Members access to Test Shoots so that your portfolio grows without resorting to unpaid work. Go check out who's testing