There are a number of ways to land paid work as a member of The Freelancer Club. The obvious being our extensive jobs board with new paid jobs added every day. However, there's another way to land paid work that is less obvious but just as effective.

Click on the Find a Freelancer page and you'll see a list of profiles from Pro Freelancer Club members. The order of the list is based on the number of likes on a member's portfolio.

How to get likes, fast? 

Just like Google, everyone wants to be on page 1 and brands spend millions every year on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to try to achieve this. Appearing on the first page of Google for a popular search can lead to hundreds of organic leads resulting in sales. 

Does being on page 1 of The Freelancer Club matter? We asked Gabriella Floyd, the freelancer who currently sits on top of Page 1 whether it makes any difference to her freelance sales.

Being on page one of The Freelancer Club has meant that I’ve got tons of calls about jobs!

Employers, brands and agencies don't always post a job on the site, they often like to find freelance talent through the Find A Freelancer page and get in touch directly. It's not just Gabriella benefitting from the exposure on page 1, getting on the first few pages of The Freelancer Club pays. Dawn Marie Jones from Stoyanov and Jones, another currently occupying a position on page 1 pitches in: 

It's definitely been good for building creative connections and I've found some great creatives to work with through The Freelancer Club, on both the creative projects and commissioned jobs.

5 top tips to get on page 1: 

Drive as much traffic to your profile page as possible so that people like your work by clicking the heart icon. 


Add your profile link (the URL link when you click on My Profile) to all your social media accounts and website. 

Like other member's work. Click on the heart icon beside work that you like. Similar to social media platforms, you'll often get a like for a like.

Comment on member's work so that they get notified and check out your profile. 

Add new work to your portfolio regularly so that it appears on the Latest Projects page and encourages likes. 

We are introducing a new 'recommendation' feature to the site. This feature will allow collaborators and employers to recommend a member after a job or a test shoot. Every member will receive a score out of 5 stars as well as feedback. The number of recommendations and star score will contribute to your position on the Find a Freelancer page.