We’d like to thank all the freelancers and startups who came along to The Freelancer Club online Showcase Event! 


An impressive 150 freelancers and startups came along, and we’re still buzzing from connecting with all you like-minded, talented folk. It was kind of like speed dating for freelancers and startups... And we loved it! 




As you know, the theme was Our World, as reflected in the powerful works that were showcased. This felt especially poignant, seeing as the coronavirus pandemic has ruptured so many aspects of our world today. It’s no surprise that everyone’s thirsty for uplifting, novel experiences, as well as meaningful, personal interactions. 

Roman Wolujewicz

“Crossing" by ROMAN WOLUJEWICZ, Photographer.


Utilising all the community resources we have is the most productive and rewarding way to move forward right now. In a sense, the showcase event was like a microcosm of The Freelancer Club as a whole: a supportive network for sharing innovative ideas and helping each other to fulfill our potential. 


Networking online

We spoke to a freelancer and a startup to hear how the event went for them. 


Matt Colley is a freelance editor and copywriter with over 15 years experience in content marketing. He’s also the owner and founder of (link)

Hens With Pens is a startup which offers tutored hen party life drawing classes throughout the UK. 


This is how the event stood out for Matt and Hens With Pens:

Matt - “I've attended plenty of webinars with interactive elements, but nothing quite like this. The ability to move freely between different virtual 'rooms' was a really nice touch, and the chance to have face-to-face meetings with potential clients was brilliant. I liked the fact that several people could be chatting with the recruiter at once; this made it more collaborative and feel less like a job interview.”


Hens With Pens - I haven't previously attended a hiring event like this. We normally recruit directly and interview after application - this was really great to chat and get a sense for people and whether they'd be suitable to put through our process, as well as show a bit of who we are.”


In terms of their favourite aspects of the event, this is what they had to say:

Matt - “I think the live chats with recruiters were the best aspect of it. I liked the 'speed dating' style of networking, where you get randomly connected with another attendee, but those recruiter chats were just brilliant.”


Hens With Pens - The ability to chat directly to those interested in what we do in relaxed way, a bit less formal than an 'interview' meant that we were able convey a sense of ourselves and in the same way, we were able to get a sense of those we were talking to and if they would 'fit' our kind of work. It's our experience that a lot of freelancers apply blindly without really knowing what the job is - this resolved that.”


What did you get out of the event? 

Matt - “I've been added to the writer database at Write Arm, and have already been considered for one piece of paid work. I'm optimistic that other paid assignments will come my way. I have also connected with the lady from Coconut, who said she would consider me for any future copywriting projects that are being outsourced.”


Hens with Pens - We had an awesome time. We appointed four photographers and two visual artists as a result of our conversations” 


All in all, we’re so glad to see the event had value in a multitude of ways. 


If you are a Startup who would like to apply for a Virtual Hiring Booth at a future Showcase event, click here.